Why Would A Women Become A Catholic Nun?

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Sr. Tonia Borsellino to discuss why women discern the religious life, what it’s like inside a convent, and what happened when her entire convent got Covid-19.

Episode 95:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• What makes a woman decide to become a sister?
• What is the difference between a nun and a sister?
• What happened when her entire convent got Covid-19
• What is the discernment process?
• What is a charism?
• and much more

About The Mercedarian Sisters:

10 comments on Why Would A Women Become A Catholic Nun?

  1. Andrea says:

    Happy Birthday Fr. Rich! I hope you get spoiled! I hope you enjoyed your day off.

    Hi guys, (and Sr. Tonia):
    Sr. Tonia, a novice, was the second woman in almost 100 episodes. The other woman guest was the editor from Church Pop. We need more women guests. (RS you look like a wild man with that hair. My own is scary as well.)

    Her enthusiasm was catching and she does have the gift of joy as RD mentioned. I loved her story of how she got chosen. Her journey and discernment was interesting. I especially liked her reference to just being for God or the ‘essence of you’ being loved by God. She is filled with joy and happiness in her vocation. She was called to it like Fr. Rich. God is a personal God and that is something so wonderful to realize that it is hard for us to take it all in as to meaning.

    RS, like Pope Francis, I had wanted that changed in the Lord’s Prayer, as far as asking God not to lead us into temptation. Calling it testing makes sense out of it. He is always testing us and I ask him to grade me on a curve. As Sr. Tonia pointed out, you learn to trust. I think you give up control and let God be in the driver’s seat of your life. Although I love God that is a scary thing to do with your whole heart. It is like jumping off a cliff and trusting God to catch us.

    How awful that the pandemic struck the entire convent. I will say a prayer for the soul of the elderly priest who got it and passed away. It took my brother-in-law back in April. I am sorry you can’t have your families there for your celebration at becoming a sister due to pandemic social distancing and restrictions. However, congratulations on making your vows! The symbolism of the black veil is intriguing. Your old life is now dead. Did you feel that schism little by little or all at once is my question. Leaving behind your family to follow Jesus.

    The community life in a convent has its rewards but I am sure that the mix of ages and personalities can be trying as well as joyful. You are young and wise about leaping out of self in order to serve the community. Indeed community is another form of family which means squabbles and misunderstandings and daily annoyances at times. No-one automatically becomes a saint when they enter the religious.

    As someone who wore a Catholic uniform for 12 years, not the same one, of course, you do seal your identity out in the world. I had a tradition to uphold as far as social and spiritual interaction. I was always under scrutiny. I was a target too sometimes.

    RS, I too think religious habits make a statement that is needed in today’s world. A declaration of faith.

    Thank you for Sr. Tonia and her story. Stay well and stay safe everyone.

  2. Joan Walters says:

    Happy Birthday to fr. Rich

  3. FHL says:

    I remember, as a child, meeting a nun who was a former girlfriend of my dad. She was visiting their home parish for a brief time, and spoke after Mass while I lit my candle on the altar and said my prayers. Dad introduced us then, and explained that she had helped my mother convert to Catholicism in order to be married in the Church. Her voice was otherworldly to me, so beautiful without makeup or brightly coloured clothing (dressed in pale grey?). She was invisible to all but us at that moment. It was profoundly moving, her spirit of generosity and humility in the best sense of the word. I wanted to be just like her. My dad also had friends become priests, but this lady stood alone in my esteem for her. Holiness face to face, the eyes of Christ, glowing with fulfillment. A school chum of my own also became a Carmelite nun, and a hug after 30yrs was lovely. She’d returned home for her dad’s illness/funeral. She had a buoyant joy even amidst her sorrow. Palpable and tangible. May Almighty God bless both of these women abundantly, and deliver their souls through the gates of Heaven in the presence of Our Lady! Amen.

  4. Mark Graff says:

    Sprit filled, joyous, uplifting, motivational, beautiful and loving
    Do not miss this one.

    1. Mark Graff says:

      The Mercedarian Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament website is awesome.
      Ryan and Ryan if you are legally able to, please post links to other Fuzati customers websites.
      Patron praying for you and your mission.
      Happy birthday Padre, next episode let us know what the wives of Ryan and Ryan sent as birthday presents.

      1. Mark Graff says:

        Sr. Tonia executes love and joy 😇

      2. Margarita says:

        If you have not interviewed Dister Miriam already…you should ..has a beautiful testimony from being a NY Jewish girl to becoming Catholic ..and she is hilarious and annointed ..:))

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  5. therese ventura says:

    Come Divine Will please Jesus bless all these Nuns/Sisters love and prayers from Australia xox

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