10 Things Catholics Are Sick Of Hearing

On this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys dispel 10 fake and erroneous claims about what Catholics believe and practice. These are things that every Catholics is sick and tired of hearing!
In this episode we’ll cover:
  • Do Catholics Worship Mary?
  • Did Catholics Change The Bible?
  • Do Catholics Worship Statues?
  • Can Catholics “Buy Heaven” With Indulgences?
  • Does The Catholic Church Hate Gay People?
  • Did Priestly Celibacy Cause The Abuse Scandal?
  • And Much More!

31 comments on 10 Things Catholics Are Sick Of Hearing

  1. Yvonne Balcer says:

    Yes, it should be in the creed.

    1. Beth says:


      1. Mike says:

        We Catholics witness 3 of our catholic churches close and sold to property buyers. We currently have 2 catholic churches still serving it’s flock yet with 1 Saturday mass , 2 Sunday masses . They use to have 2 Sat masses and 5 Sunday masses we are currently noticing half full to even less attendance at both churches on both days.

  2. Stephen says:

    As a former Catholic, I can say, yes, the Catholic hierarchy continues to discriminate and marginalize gay people, which is a form of hatred and bigotry. They don’t seem to care about all the kids who kill themselves. The molestation and the cover ups. The refusal to take responsibility and the arrogant stubbornness where the church refuses to evolve or be challenged is ridiculous. People will no longer continue to buy into these outdated and ignorant institutional teachings. The mandate of celibacy is unfair and totally unnecessary. The Catholic Church is totally dysfunctional and disgraceful and desperately needs reform and change and help. They desperately need to make amends in concrete action and reform. They pay lip service but do nothing real to show they follow Jesus. To be clear, I understand that not all Catholics are like that, but it’s time that more people in the pews and in the clergy, stand up to this bully called The Catholic Church. Don’t just be boys horsing around a microphone pledging blind allegience to an institution that is hurting so many.

    1. John says:

      Great response. Fair and well thought out. For me it’s the Catholic hierarchy which continues to be the major disappointment. All the Popes have known about the Clergy problem. The comments by our current Pope on this issue are insensitive and not going the right direction. He seemingly has blinders on. It’s politics, follow the money. I am Catholic and will continue to be by celebrating the Mass, It’s what is most consistent and right.

    2. MaryDel says:

      Holiness is the goal, nothing more nothing less. The Church shows us the way to achieve it and the sacraments are the necessary means for obtaining the grace, nothing more, nothing less. If you are expecting anything else from the Church than you don’t understand her mission or yours, mine and everyone’s vocation which is holiness. You were created for God.

    3. Kim Coffey says:

      Stephen, Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever. It’s not the church that needs to change but man needs to turn back to their creator ask His forgiveness and healing.

    4. You’re talking about people in the church and not what the church teaches. That’s a big difference and is not a base for putting down the Church. Concentrate on changing the way people who attend the church believe (despite the fact they are also not following the churches teachings on this matter) Read the catechism regarding homosexuality etc…) there is a disconnect of those people compared to what we are taught.

  3. I agree the Dogma of The Most Holy Eucharist should be in the Creed.
    On the matter of communicating with homosexuals and transgender individuals, I have to start with a large problem I have been dealing with for years, alcoholism. Recently I was in a sober living house for some months. Unknown to me until later, when I arrived under the influence of some phych drugs, I did my usual thing of reading in the evening outside, enjoying summer evenings. There was a young lady(about 30yrs old), that took it upon herself to wake me and make sure I went to bed. During the day, when we would socialize, read, gather outside to smoke, she never participated and never smiled. I took it upon myself to to engage her as much as possible. Soon she was laughing, joking and helping me cook for the house. Now I will add, she was a lesbian. She knew I was Catholic, but condemnation never occurred to me. I was very open about my faith and soon found she had been raised Catholic, but wanted nothing to do with the Church. We talked openly, I’m sure I didn’t convert her, but she soon was telling me she prayed for me. We communicate frequently now that we no longer live together.
    Love brought her out of her isolation and she has become a delightful person to be around. I truly believe that this may be the first step for her change in Outlook at the Church and life. I spoke only with love and understanding. You can love the person dearly and hate the sin. She knew this from me, but never seemed to never seemed to seemed to resent it.
    For others at the sober living, there were many questions of the same irritating questions you discussed today. I found they, for the most part, to be surprised at what we really believed. Thank you for the informative program. In the end, speak calmly with love. They may not convert, but the Truth wins. Ending, I so much enjoy your show.

  4. Matt Potter says:

    Love your content! However, change the title: “10 Things Catholics Are Sicking Of Hearing”

  5. I love your show! I think people forget that the Church is not defined by the people and the good or horrible things they do. It is over 2000 years of Truths. Despite what people who are Catholic, including clergy, do the Church is still the same, as it should be. (I am probably not saying this correctly but hopefully my point is coming across)

  6. Zander Renault says:

    Great show, once again! Forgive me, put I must point out that it was actually the Council of Rome in 382 AD (under Pope Damasus 1) that first enumerated the biblical canon that we still use today. This is a few years before the the councils of Hippo and Carthage. Also, the Council of Jamnia never happened. It’s a Protestant urban legend to support the non-deuterocanonical Jewish canon. Pretty much all Protestant scholars today agree that there was no Council of Jamnia (which is why I’m glad Scheel called it the “supposed” Council of Jamnia). Keep up the great work!

  7. Lisa B says:

    I don’t know how many times I have had someone say to me “All you Catholics do is drink and gamble”. I get so sick of hearing that one.

  8. Janis Moore says:

    Yes. I think it should be in the creed!

  9. As a Catholic, some of the things I am sick of hearing are, “And today, another sex scandal in the Catholic Church,” and “What the Pope MEANT to say was…”

    1. Neil Allen says:

      It’s the same pedophile scandal that has been going on for decades, and it’s the same 100% Catholic policy to protect 100% of child raping priests 100% of the time.

  10. Neil Allen says:

    #1 The Catholic church is America’s #1 child rape ring
    (because it is)

  11. Teresa Cruz says:

    The Real Presence of the Eucharist is already in a creed.
    The Credo of the People of God, proclaimed by Pope Paul VI in 1968, professes our belief in the Real Presence.

    1. Gary Pokorny says:


  12. Kathy says:

    Mary’s soul DOES magnify the Lord. Don’t diminish her to just an example to appease other denominations of christians. Prayers to Mary are very powerful. There is nothing in the universe that is only masculine, this is why Catholicism works. Mary completes the circle. You can’t have a masculine without a feminine aspect. There is not creation without both. This is one of the wisest aspects of Catholicism. Don’t let other denominations shame us for it.

    It’s in the scripture. Do not dumb it down.

  13. Joe Sprowls says:

    Great show, as always, but Ryan needs to show more understanding toward our non-Catholic brethren. I learned about the topical taboo of discussing religion as a child. As I grew to adult hood, I would nonetheless engage non-Catholics in discussion, but never tell them they were “wrong”. I’m generally not a tactful person but when it comes to religion I’m a diplomat. Politics on the ther hand, is a different question.
    I still love the show.

  14. Justine says:

    For a future question, my non-Catholic friends often say of the rosary and the crucifix “It’s morbid to pray with (or wear) a dead body”

    I think Eucharist should be in the creed. It’s an important part of the faith.

  15. Rina says:

    In true Catholic fashion, you ask for money in the first 3 minutes. I stopped listening at that point. I hear that call at everything I attend at church. Other denominations offer free religious ed, free VBS, free bible studies, etc but not us Catholics. No, our tithe apparently goes too far up the ladder to pay for local things. We all know any YouTube or Podcast host has a donation link (which you do in your bio) you don’t need to announce it.
    I am a passionate Catholic but am so sick of the “Institution” and the stubborn ignorant way the church is not leading by way of love.

  16. You guys don’t do yourselves any service by meming Protestants while opposing memes of your own faith at the same time. For a Protestant seriously considering Catholicism (as all good truth seekers should), you don’t make the journey any easier by meme ranting.

    When you say there are thousands of denominations, what does that even meme? Are there not thousands of different theological persuasions amongst all Christians, even within the Catholic Church, wherever there isn’t consensus? It’s not a charitable/loving/fair comment about people who are more educated in Christian ways and living than most Catholics but were just born and baptised into Protestant communities rather than into Catholic ones. Meaning they can articulate the gospel better and pray more and love better than many Catholics…

    Yes you can make the claim that these communities are not under a united set of dogmas, but there are always going to be heretics and fringe groups etc, even within the Catholic priesthood and among your Catholic communities. There will also always be crazy control freak, liars and “anti-christs” leading cults and mental communities. How can you just dismissively act like each church group is “just another Protestant denomination” as if to imply each is as rediculous as the other thousands?

    What about the numbers of blood baptisms from Protestant groups? What about the numbers of Protestants who, once Catholic, are deemed to have had a proper baptism while in a Protestant church? There are Protestant churches that have a more tight-nit, family-like character, building a truth seeking Christian community than many Catholic churches. It’s a shame this meme came so early too… I will watch the whole thing. It’s just a shame. The number of curious Protestants who will be put off by this annoying and confusing/meaningless meme that I always hear in Catholic circles is a shame for their journey…

    There are lots of spiritually hungry Christian nomads walking around in Protestant circles, and they need Catholics to care for them and draw them back into the fold. Apologetics and Truth are not meant for your own sense of comfort and satisfaction in putting idiots in their place, rather it is meant for pastoral loving care of Christ’s beloved children and people and pre-bretheren, wherever they might be…

    Sorry. Just pained at all the many people who are lost, in pain and struggling, and resisting my sadness produces frustration…

  17. Wouldn’t it be better to describe an indulgence as something that we do out of the desire in our hearts to repair the damage done by us in this world to the world and people in it?

    It’s kind of like the car being repaid etc, in some cases the person cannot repay the car, but if you can, you should. And so indulgences act as a kind of reflection on the damages of your sin. You give to the church so that the church can do more good for you by proxy to correct your damage in your sin. Thus indulgences make recompense for your damage in the world.

  18. Jessica says:

    This is my favorite episode so far! I have shared your show with my big family! My mama will be listening from now on! I love your explanation of the church’s teachings, especially regarding homosexuals and transgender people. I have never felt comfortable judging people because of their orientation, or whatever. They are people! I love it and I feel even more passionate about my faith. I have a good friend who doesn’t believe in God. She was raised Catholic but had a bad experience when she became pregnant as a teenager. She went to a priest for help and he said this was her punishment. My response was that was one priest and he is not the whole church. She brought up a lot of these topics. I hadn’t heard your show at the time. I don’t always feel prepared or qualified to defend my faith. The only thing I have continued to always say is, “I believe Jesus is synonymous with love.” He loves every single one of us and we are called to love others. You have given me tools to share my faith in a beautiful way. Thank you!

  19. Bonita says:

    I think the better answer to the accusation of “the Catholic Church hates gay people” would have been, no the Church does not hate gay people any more than she hates thieves, murders or fornicators. The Church requires all of her people to stop committing grave, intrinsically evil acts before they can come to Communion because such acts have broken the union between God and the person committing the act. The thief must repent and cease committing acts of theft before he can receive Communion. The murderer must repent and stop killing before he can be received for Communion. The fornicator must repent and stop having sex outside the sacrament of marriage before he can be restored to Communion. The Church requires all people afflicted with Same Sex Attraction (not in itself sinful, just like those afflicted with the propensity to steal, kill, etc.) to live chaste lives by not acting on their disposition to homosexual acts.

    You did not present the Church’s ENTIRE teaching on homosexual acts, nor did you explain why active and persistent homosexuals are called to repentance. Your answer was similar to my former pastor who, when asked why he never teaches against abortion, replied “because there are so many other aspects to the pro-life movement.” Bravery, fellows, bravery in your preaching.

    As to the pedophilia . . . simple answer . . . the ranks of the priesthood have been infiltrated by unchaste men who do not have supernatural faith and are protected by similar men above them in the hierarchy. We must own it, and change it.

  20. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    I agree with Ryan Scheel that the presence of the Holy Eucharist be added to the creed so there is no misunderstanding. The Masses I attend have the apostle creed recitation each celebration. I think this should be formally brought up with the bishop in residence by Fr. Pagano. Scheel is a thinking man. Is he a biblical scholar or a biblical scholar amateur wannabe?

    What came first the chicken or the egg? The Judeo-Christian bible was written by Catholics and that was before the protestant schism. The canonical or Magisterium of the Catholic Church. The teaching Bible I read has the apocrypha not in protestant bibles. It is the Greek diaspora of the Old Testament or the Septuagint. What Ryan Scheel covered is in the introduction to my Oxford University Ecumenical Teaching Bible.

    I agree again with Ryan Scheel totally. I worship God not Mary. I honor Mary. She may have been assumed into Heaven and maybe one of the most perfect loving, honorable, good to the very bone human beings who ever lived, but she was/is human. She did not die and become a divine being, just a spiritual being. You guys are right Catholics I know do not worship Mary. There is no Mary worship. Maybe the start of this belief came from Ishtar worship prior to Mary. We absorbed many pagan traditions and made them ours.

    Were the original scrolls written in Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek? Or all three? Do you guys ever check the latest comments from new members of your podcast audience? Or, am I a questioner crying in the wilderness of the Internet? Seriously, I am enjoying catch up and do have some podcasts that are my favorites.

    Personally I do not like religious statues in my home. I would never worship a statue. They are benchmarks. How the pagans worshipped the golden calf is beyond me! PDS or pretty damn silly.

    “When we pray we speak to God, but when we read God speaks to us.” St. Jerome
    When you guys throw a podcast, much like a party celebrating Catholicism, God is listening. Sometimes he may even be speaking through you! He would like the truth out there. I am a truth seeker and I believe all three of you are as well.

    God IS science.

    Thank you guys for an excellent podcast about the misconceptions of Catholics that we Catholics are sick of hearing. I hope there were other listeners out there besides Catholics to get the message. Of course, you have to want to listen as step number one. There are so many people out there happy to hate Catholics and they don’t want their minds changed.

    God bless us all!

  21. Anna says:

    I can’t believe that in 2019 there are still people believing in gods and ghosts and spirits.

  22. David Harper says:

    I was raised in the RCC. Went to catholic grammar school and catholic boys high school in chicago. I left the church as soon as I was old enough to make up my own mind. The arrogance and hypocrisy of catholic “authority” did nothing but turn me against the church. The straw that broke the camels back for me was when I was advised that even though doctors told my wife that her next pregnancy would probably kill her the church said we still can’t use birth control because “it’s against church teaching”.

  23. Bob Zeal says:

    After all of the centuries of the catholic church dog man and crimes against humanity, anyone still Catholic condones the sexual abuse of children in the millions. As a child I refused to be abused by the Catholic religion and I got away from the abusers. Many are not so fortunate.
    Free your mind and for your soul and for yourself from the chains of slavery two a barbaric way of life. Save your children And all of the children of the future. It’s not too late.

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