100 Years of Pope Saint John Paul II: A Pilgrimage From Poland To Rome

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, Ryan, Ryan, & Father Rich personal invite you on a once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage to Poland and Rome in celebration of the 100th birthday of Pope Saint John Paul The Great May 13-22, 2020!

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On this pilgrimage, you will journey from Poland to Rome, and trace the footsteps of the beloved Pope Saint John Paul II. We will start in Poland where he was formed and visit Holy sites including The Shrine of the Divine Mercy, The Black Miraculous Black Madonna of Czestochowa, as well as his birthplace, celebrate his 100th birthday in his boyhood home town, and visit the places where he was: baptized, educated, and ordained. Then we will head to Italy to visit the Basilicas of Rome, The Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Square for a Papal Audience where we will be greeted and blessed by the Holy Father, Pope Francis. The pilgrimage will culminate with the celebration of Mass at the Tomb of Pope Saint John Paul II.

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9 comments on 100 Years of Pope Saint John Paul II: A Pilgrimage From Poland To Rome

  1. Andrea says:

    Good morning guys,
    I wish you and your traveling companions a wonderful time next May on your pilgrimage and I wish Pope St. John Paul II a very happy 100th birthday! I too hope the appellation of ‘the great’ gets added to his name. I don’t know how that comes about but it is so deserving for this man, this Pope. The all inclusive package sounds like a terrific deal. This is a trip of a lifetime as outlined.

    I can’t wait to hear about the spiritual impact you guys receive from this pilgrimage. I hope you have a follow up podcast on your adventures when you return. It would be awesome if you can work out the logistics to have a live podcast while you are there. Bring your St. Christopher’s medals with you! Thank you for inviting your listeners and fans along with you guys!

    Take care, and God bless everyone on this journey!

  2. Arnas says:

    The pilgrimage you plan on taking your fellow faithful is amazing! But I will have you know, that the original Image of Divine Mercy is still in the city where it was painted and where St. Faustina witnessed Our Blessed Lord – in Vilnius, Lithuania, at the Shrine of Divine Mercy. Hope you guys get to see it for yourselves some time in the future aswell!
    God bless (y)our journey!

  3. Just back from all the places you mentioned – except the Black Madonna.. didn’t get time for that. But we went to Fatima as well. You are meeting(?) on the anniversary day of the Miracle of the Sun – you will have to fit a Rosary in that day! The underground Cathedral was just so awesomely amazing – Krakow was beautiful. You will have such a blessed time – as did our family. God bless your ministry… loving it … all the way from Dunedin, New Zealand.

  4. Bartłomiej says:

    Wow! I’m so stunned! I was born and live in Poland and I’m really eager to be able to meet You guys when You’re in Poland! It would be amazing to have some information about any possibility to do that in Warsaw where I live! It was a pleasure to listen and I really hope there will be any chance to meet with You and the rest of the people in Warsaw for some beer or just shake hands! God Bless!

  5. Anon says:

    This sounds really great guys! I have a question: what is the minimum age for this trip?

  6. Please,if God can allow me, I will be very happy to be part of this Catholic pilgrimage from Poland to Rome.


  7. Kaleem Murad says:

    Respected Sir/Mam H. I am Kaleem Murad from Pakistan and I like to inform you that I am Catholic by birth I am very glad to attend this conference because I want a blessing in my life and it was honored for me to attend the conference of Pope Saint John Paul

  8. Emily Wallace says:


    My mom and I have booked and paid for our spots. We are very excited. However, I am a bit concerned that corona virus will upset this trip, especially since Italy has already suspended all masses. What happens in the event that this virus interferes with our itinerary in some way? Thank you and God bless.

  9. I too booked and paid for this wonderful pilgrimage and am very concerned. Will it be postponed?

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