4 Foods We Owe To The Catholic Church

The Catholic faith has always had a deeply intertwined relationship with food. Whether it is the apple in the Garden of Eden, The Manna from Heaven, The Passover Meal, The MIracle of the Wine, The Multiplication of the Fish and Loaves, or the Eucharist itself, food plays a central role in our faith.

But there are common foods that you eat every day, that if it were not for the Catholic Church, you probably wouldn’t eat.

In this episode, the guys discuss the Catholic origin of 4 of your favorite foods and the history behind them.

6 comments on 4 Foods We Owe To The Catholic Church

  1. Just curious. Father Pagano what order do you belong to? Ryan S. I know the other Ryan studied to be a priest. Where does your knowledge come from? Are you a historian? Love, love, love the show.

    1. catholictalk says:

      Father Rich is a priest of the Diocese of Saint Augustine. Ryan S would consider himself an armchair historian who just likes to read and accumulate knowledge.

  2. Krista Stevenson says:

    Noticed that you were all drinking Starbucks coffees…just thought you might want to know that they are a contributor to Planned Parenthood…

  3. john diamond says:

    As far as making the oceans of the world holy water, you might want to consider the facts of what goes on in and on the oceans of the world.
    I mean, would you put a fish into a bowl of holy water, where it would expel its waste into the water?
    If so, then why not bless the water in a toilet bowl?
    People are murdered by forced drowning in the oceans.
    Naval battles are fought on the oceans.
    Submarines carrying WMDs patrol the depths.
    I know you’re not serious about actually making the oceans’ water holy, but I think joking like that trivializes holy water.
    Just my opinion, for whatever it’s worth.

  4. Kerri says:

    You should try
    the midnight vigils coffee from mysticmonkcoffee.com it’s amazing and made by carmelite monks in Wyoming.

  5. Andrea says:

    Ryan Scheel you have to stop saying YOU KNOW. You do it throughout the Podcast and you are too intelligent a man to be saying this at the beginning of each statement. It is annoying beyond belief. In this video you must have said it FIFTY times or more! Come on!! If it is nerves get a grip somehow. Maybe squeeze a rubber ball each time just to make yourself realize what you are doing to your listening audience.

    On a much happier note, this show rocks!! I love the learning with a smile purview. The topics are great and I hope you end up with more guests as you all really shine when a guest is aboard.

    I hope you do something on guardian angels and their presence in our lives and any personal experiences any of you might have had.

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