5 CRAZIEST Vatican Conspiracy Theories

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys explore 5 crazy theories about The Vatican like time machines, aliens, and more!

Episode 207:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• The Vatican’s Secret Time Machine?
• The Grand Grimoire?
• Lucifer Chapel Under The Vatican?
• 3rd Secret of Fatima = Aliens?
• and much more


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2 comments on 5 CRAZIEST Vatican Conspiracy Theories

  1. Andrew Johnson says:

    Fr. Rich,
    Would you consider doing an episode covering the 14 Rules for Discernment by St. Ignatius of Loyola, if you haven’t already? I think that in times like these, when many people are exposed to the vices of social media and the Marxist agendas infiltrating our schools and American culture, that people should proactively seek guidance from the Holy Spirit.

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