5 Things You Get Wrong About Prayer

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Alex Jones from the Hallow App to discuss 5 things people misunderstand or get wrong about praying.

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Episode 119:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• Does God only listen to certain prayers?
• Why don’t some prayer get “answered”?
• The most common reason people STOP praying
• 3 types of prayers you probably don’t pray enough
• Should prayers be memorized or not?
• and much more


3 comments on 5 Things You Get Wrong About Prayer

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    I pray more often than not during the course of a day. I pray whenever I think of God which is often during a pandemic, and especially because there are so many people to pray for. Prayer is communication with God. Prayer is conversation with God. That is what I think. It is the most intimate act performed with God, I agree Fr. Rich. I pray Thy will be done. I pray Jesus I trust in you. I pray the rosary sometimes twice a day as warfare against the demons attacking our faith and our journey to Jesus through his mother, and for many special intentions. I do the Divine Mercy chaplet every day. I pray to St. Theresa of Avila. I pray to St. Michael daily, and my Guardian Angel daily. I pray the anxiety prayer. I don’t forget God when things are going well. I need to know God is there during the times of suffering. I never feel alone or disconnected from God which is a personal blessing.

    Prayer is God’s time. I made time for God in my day since I was a small child. I often sat quietly somewhere out in nature either in the woods or by the ocean and just talked to God. I sought quiet places away from the rush of people. I talked to God about any and every subject that came to mind. I prayed for people.

    Four reasons for prayer – adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, and petition. I think I am praying correctly because this is how I pray each day. I am always in awe that there is a God to pray to and I am always in awe of what he does in my life and in the lives of others. I try hard to listen to God as evidenced by how my prayers are answered or not answered. God is revealed. I also think God finds me amusing. I agree Alex, the focus is on the depth of prayer not the memorization of established prayers.

    I can never remember a moment when I was angry with God. Not when I was 10 and lost a loving father. Not when I lost my mother and not when I lost other loved ones during different sad and hard and tragic times in my life. I had no anger to bring to God. Most of the time if and when my prayers weren’t answered there was a reason that was revealed later on.

    When an overly anxious night keeps me awake I pray but there are times that even prayers don’t relax me into sleep. The mind is determined to play itself out. Sometimes I get up, get online, and pray the rosary with the Keith Nester Rosary Crew. Alex, you are so right, prayer is about finding things not necessarily getting things. Finding things within ourselves and finding God.

    I always bet on God too Alex. Never bet against the house. LOL!

    Stay well and stay safe everyone,

  2. Steve says:

    Hey guys!

    Can I make the suggestion of a potential topic.

    Self Idolatry.

    We live in a modern world of social media “influencers” and the social pressure people put themselves under to have the latest brands or fads. A quick glance on your Facebook, TikTok or Instagram feed reveals a world that can seem dishonest or unrealistic.

    With that said, have we reached a point where we have allowed ourselves to become the idols we worship as opposed to the type of man-made idols that were worshipped in the Old Testament.

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