5 Things You NEED To Fight The Devil

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys share 5 essential spiritual practices to help you resist temptation and defeat The Devil.

Episode 199:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• Why the Sacraments are ESSENTIAL
• How Fasting keeps you safe from attacks
• How Blessed items can protect you
• How Spiritual Reading is the playbook for defense
• and much more


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5 comments on 5 Things You NEED To Fight The Devil

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    This was another excellent idea for a podcast done well. I do get bombarded unbelievably sometimes by the devil. In fact, he has planted a seed in my head that I am finding hard to exorcise it from my thoughts. He attacked the concept of Jesus for me and I have been singing hymns to Jesus since I was small. He is questioning my Catholic beliefs and doctrines. He is removing me from the Eucharist and Jesus and I am in a battle each day. I say the rosary all day long plus practice various methods of fasting and do read spiritual works on occasion.

    I have found Keith Nester as well as you guys. I am in his 24/7 rosary prayer room as moderator every day. I do his live rosary every day and I watch all your weekly shows always. My saying the rosary is under attack as far as focusing on my daily prayers. We have had some miracles attributed to our rosary prayers too! It will be 2.5 years next month on the 18th since Keith Nester created his rosary crew. Keith Nester was a Protestant minister who came into our faith in 2017.

    If you Google Rosary Crew with Keith Nester on YouTube you get the 24/7 rosary video which runs 24/7. You can connect to his live rosary each day from that channel. Keith also has another channel called the Keith Nester YouTube channel that has some wonderful videos such as Unpacking the Mass. This is an amazing Bible study. Keith connects the Sunday Mass readings, psalm and gospel. He does a wonderful job of showing each of us how the OT flows right into the NT – prophet by prophet and prophesy by prophesy.

    I consider the Catholic Talk Show and Keith Nester as weapons against my personal spiritual warfare attacks and I say thank God I found you guys and thank you for all you for your listeners. (Fr. Rich, I do love Bible In a Year with Fr. Mike Schmitz and it is 20 minutes a day and we are going from Genesis to Revelation. He is wonderful, however, you were the first Internet priest I connected to! I have that sentimental attachment to you.)

    God bless us all as the evil I AM NOT is always out to get us. Bishop Fulton J. Sheen had named him that. God is I AM and the devil is I AM NOT as far as believing in evil which means believing in the source of evil or the devil. The evil in this world is great but I think good will win out in the universal duality of this battle. Our religion teaches us that Jesus has already won the battle for us. There is a quote about whenever the devil reminds us of our past remind him that he has no future!

    God bless us everyone as Tiny Tim so wisely said.

  2. GiannaT says:

    I loved this one. Thank you.

    One possible follow up to this would be addressing people with scruples though. Things like fasting, prayer, and sacramentals can be serious burdens to people who struggle with seeing them as necessary to earning holiness and are obsessed with doing them perfectly lest they find themselves outside of God’s good graces. It can turn into saying the rosary prayers over for hours because you don’t think you said them with the proper focus and devotion the first time, wearing a dozen medals around your neck in a huge heavy clump, and being convinced that last confession wasn’t valid because you remembered a sin you forgot as you walked out the door (and did you really forget, or did you choose not to tell the priest? Are you SURE?). It’s obviously a distortion of what these things are meant to be, but it can be a serious enough struggle in a lot of people’s lives that worrying about these things can actually cut them off from God and His mercy.

    I struggled with this exact obsession for several years; what ultimately saved my faith was getting mental health help and letting go of a lot of devotions and practices and just doing the “bare minimum” for awhile. It’s only been fairly recently that I’ve been able to the rosary or certain spiritual reading again, and only because I’ve learned to be ok with doing it “imperfectly.” I think having a Catholic psychiatrist who has a fair grasp on Obsession Compulsion Disorder might help offer a lot of people some relief.

    1. Andrea says:

      The 24/7 rosary is there for all people of all countries and time zones. People come in and out to pray for special intentions posted and believe me they are serious ones. I am sorry you had obsessive compulsive disorder, but glad you got help! God hears our prayers, and no prayer is imperfect if it is from the heart.

  3. Laurie Krell says:

    Is there an Exodus 90 type program for the ladies? Love your shows!

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