The Unlikely Source Of The First Christian Rock Song

When you think of Christian Rock, the last band you probably associate with it is Black Sabbath. But according to many rock historians, their song “After Forever” is the first true Christian Rock song.

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys talk about Black Sabbath, Christian Rock, and bad music in the liturgy.


5 comments on The Unlikely Source Of The First Christian Rock Song

  1. Robin says:

    Love this episode especially the comment of the church needed to be open to different ways of reaching all types of people instead of being one dimensional. Unfortunately I feel I’m at a 1 dimensional church so that spoke volumes.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Alice Cooper is interesting to listen to. He talks about himself as a “prodigal son” and describes his life starting in the church as the son of a preacher, constantly in church circles etc, then moving to a rock star life before experiencing alcohol and drug addiction and the break up of his marriage. He and his wife (also a preachers daughter) reunited and work in the church with kids at risk. Have a listen to his song “My God” off the Lacey and Whisky album, and also the album “From the Inside” – all the songs on this album are about people going through trauma in a psychiatric institution. He was the first (I think) to write about the evil of Domestic and Family Violence (“Only Women Bleed”), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (“Jackknife Johnny”), alcoholism and gambling (“Serious”), the excesses of life (“Wish I was born in Beverley Hills”) and most of his themes are about the struggle between good and evil. Love the show – this latest one about Black Sabbath (my vintage but not necessarily my band) was excellent. Jennifer

  3. Tere Johnson says:

    This episode ROCKS — literally! Who knew a head banging band like Black Sabbath actually had CHRISTIAN LYRICS in some of their songs!
    I am totally blown away!

  4. Bruno says:

    Liberal bullshit. The sublime chantics and hymmns the Church has
    brought us, make “Christian Rock” utterlly unnecessary and disgusting. Rock n Roll was born to excite our animalistic nature, christianity, to elevate from it. Trying to forcefully bring toguether two oposite ideals, does more harm than good. Learn to apreciate the true Catholic culture, and stop making excuses for your dubious tastes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6L6FEk_RM7c

  5. Chris Nowicke says:

    Where did you get your information on Black Sabbath? My Brother-in-law does not believe me that they made Christian Songs, and he wants a direct source from the band and want to know that it was there intentions to make Christian songs.

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