5 Things You Should Never Say To A Priest

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys discuss questions and comments you should never say to a priest.

Episode 165:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• The awkward things about sex you shouldn’t say
• The common complaints priests don’t like hearing
• What NOT to ask your priest when getting married
• The uncomfortable Baptism question too many people ask
• and much more


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6 comments on 5 Things You Should Never Say To A Priest

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    Interesting idea for an episode. Fr., whether it is too hot or too cold in church is an occupational hazard like the people in the workplace who are always complaining open a window, shut a window, put the heat up, put it down and so on. You are going to hear these complaints in other words so ignore them. There’s stuff you just can’t control that people will say.

    I can’t imagine asking my priest who he voted for as I wouldn’t want him to ask me that question. There are too many people taken up more with the venue of their wedding than the sacraments for sure. Some girls say yes to a guy just to have a big destination wedding. There are those who marry for all the wrong reasons. This is not a marriage but another status milestone. The amount of money spent on receptions is ridiculous. Then there are those couples who think nothing of having their wedding party spend thousands of dollars on them and their event. Selfish and greedy. They lose sight of the whole purpose of the celebration which is two people who are making a family and taking vows to be there for each other throughout their lives.

    You are right about people romanticizing the spreading of the ashes rather than memorializing their death Ryan D. I understand where they are all coming from, for the most part, but glad this episode addressed the subject. I want cremation but I want my ashes to be placed in a grave. I want to be in one spot which brings me to what I personally consider the awful practice of Catholic relics of the saints and their body pieces being scattered throughout the world. Hundreds of pieces of maybe just one body out there. What happens when Jesus comes for the resurrection? I find this a gruesome practice myself. Where is the respect and dignity in this practice?

    I think you are right on target Fr. celibacy is another call. It is amazing self-denial for many. Yes, Ryan D. your vocation as a dad of many children keeps you grounded for sure. Your calling.

    Funny segue into Sock Religious Ryan Scheel!

    I agree don’t put priests on the spot for your name if you know there is a doubt he will remember or even know it. Christ knows your name that is what counts.

    This was a good episode. I am glad you had a good therapy session from it all Fr. Rich. It is a wonderful journey to Jesus with you guys as well as my other journeyer in Christ, Keith Nester and his Rosary Crew. Every day we say the rosary together. It is done live but I follow it in re-play which is fine.

  2. Deacon Gregory L Werking says:

    Where do I find the Dorothy Day quote?


    Deacon Greg Werking

  3. Yours Evans w robinson says:

    Your program. In Europe church cold the holly water was ice. There is water holly. How about Holly mist? Can one be water Baptiste like john the baptist and Jesus in sea or lake? Interesting conversation.
    Question for revent radio no way they will take my call..story , rest of story. Then question related to today dress and Joan of arc. A preacher man said he would wear make up, he would kiss a man, he wearing a dress like outfit..wait…the rest of the story….he was an actor playing Judas at sight and sound religious theathet in landcaster pa.. in old testament in durarumaty chaper 22 many people women wear pants like Joan of arc she was killed for it. Is it proper for women to wear pants vineland high school 1967 women had to wear dress ?

  4. Anony mous says:

    I get the sentiment here; however I will say I found such a relief and release of a burden on speaking to my priest about my sexless marriage & how to navigate through it. It is incredibly challenging trying to follow to church’s teaching on sex, monogamy and all when you are young, married in the catholic church( so divorce is not an option) and find yourself somehow in a relationship with no intimacy, no sex, being refused for sex, and feeling inadequate and unloved. Idk what happened to my husband when he was deployed, but I wish he would come back. 🥺

  5. Randy Smith says:

    I can totally relate to the problem of not remembering peoples’ names!!! In our area we have just merged three parishes into a pastorate, and now I stead of one, I have three parishes to try to remember their names, but also which parish they originally are from!!! Great thing is, though, no one gives me a hard time about it…they know I love them all!!!

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