7 Amazing Archaeology Finds That Support The Bible

On this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys dig into history and explore amazing discoveries that archaeologists have found that support the Bible!

In this episode you will learn:
• What is the oldest recorded mention of God ever found?
• The find that proves the existence of the House of David
• The evidence for the prophet Isaiah
• The location of the “first” Church
• The historical record of Pontius Pilate
• The shocking oldest depiction of Jesus ever found
• and more!

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15 comments on 7 Amazing Archaeology Finds That Support The Bible

  1. Andrea says:

    Good morning guys,
    Great podcast! The earliest mention of Jesus, archeologically speaking, I had thought was within the Dead Sea scrolls found at Amran. I knew the patron saint of archeology was St. Helena mother of Constantine. She was the first biblical archeologist as Ryan S. pointed out.

    I read God instructed Moses to call him Yahweh. It is in the Bible right within Exodus I believe. Previously he had been called El Shaddai. Amenhotep II was around during the time of Moses so that stele discovery of Amenhotep III is no surprise.

    Wow, seals of Hezekiah and Isaiah being found was exciting news to me. Office of the prophet and office of the king. Like Ryan D. I was surprised to learn prophets had enough importance to have official offices and seals. I thought they were mostly ridiculed for their beliefs and unofficial or essentially unwanted members of the courts and considered just doomsayers. The discovery of the cities of the Old Testament are proofs that need to be enumerated when atheists or agnostics claim that there are no archeological finds supporting the Bible.

    Capernaum as the first center of the church, a tiny fishing village and home of St. Peter. Ryan S. good point his house was the first church or the first place the Eucharist was celebrated. Interesting facts to learn was a Biblical reminder that all the miracles performed by Jesus and his apostles were all around the Sea of Galilee. All roadways of preaching started there ending at the Dead Sea.

    Pontius Pilate inscription in Caesarea dedicating a city to Caesar. His ring was also found back in 1969 and lost to history for a few decades then re-discovered during an inventory. Proof of Pontius Pilate with time frame of Crucifixion.

    As mentioned, Josephus was an early source of post Christian history. Ryan S says he talks about Jesus execution but many claim that his writings had no recordings made on Jesus was something I had read more than once. As Ryan S. stated reading Josephus for ourselves is obviously needed to determine the facts. Even TV documentaries had mentioned that Josephus did not record the ministry of Jesus or the rise of Christianity!

    The discovery of St. Peter’s bones under St. Peter’s is always a miracle worth repeating. A coin dropped down from the main altar straight down would land directly on his reliquary.

    The blasphemous graffito on Jesus, found in the Palatine Hill Museum, tagged on the house of Caligula inhabited by servants/pages. A crucified Jesus with the head of a donkey. I had never heard this story before! The Romans thought Christians worshipped their God in the form of a donkey! Amazing information or as Ryan S. a record of mockery.

    You are right Fr. Rich, the only way to fight mockery is with facts of your faith. That is what your show is trying to do and succeeding. I think it should be an educational tool in our schools as well.

    As the wise Tiny Tim said, “God bless us everyone!”

    1. Andrea,

      We love your comments and assessment of our episodes! Thank you for posting on each episode! We honestly can’t wait to read your thoughts and feedback each week!

      1. Andrea says:

        Wow, thank you guys!! That is super nice to think and even nicer to say!

  2. Hana Mouasher says:

    So are you saying that, because the Jewish nation lived in that area as a nation between 2500 and 1800 years ago until they were dispersed by God, that they now have a right to establish a country there? Regardless of all the nations that have lived and ruled there in the interim? This of course does not make sense. Because if it does, you guys should leave the USA and give it back to the natives.

    1. Somebody had to say it. Thank you.

      1. Hana Mouasher says:

        Thanks. I’m glad that somebody agrees.

    2. KG Dan says:

      I tell you, if these become silent, the stones will cry out!” (Luke 19:40).

  3. Hana Mouasher says:

    Sorry, I meant 2500 to 1800 BC!

  4. Cliff says:

    All good fiction has an element of truth to be more engaging and believable. That does not mean the fictictios characters are real..

    1. Ooooh. Sick burn Edge Lord.

  5. Charmaine Schrader says:

    I love this show!
    Charmaine Australia

  6. I find your presentation useless. All you did was talk, talk and talk. Instead of showing the sites, what did I see? Your faces! Wow. Your faces as
    archaeological sites! What a waste!

  7. Lbanu says:

    There are evidential grains of truth and lots of fluff in this presentation. Much as it may appeal to the gullible and naive there is little from the assumptions and imagination that wouldn’t be convincingly torn asunder by proper forensic analysis. Much of the old testament is full of mythology and not either meant to be nor is it a historical collection of books. It’s full of high art poetry prophecy psychology philosophy and story telling about a journey divinely inspired. It’s been revised rewritten and altered on numerous attempts at reworking a story. To pretend otherwise is ridiculously ludicrous. That’s the real reason why so little uncontaminated evidence and none at all has been discovered by archeologists concerning much of the story. Its because its not historical and never happened. Its a teaching and book of imagination which has within it some historical facts mixed up in an artistic way to appeal to the imagination of its readers.

    Quite aside, these amateur archeologists trained by The Catholic Church go on pilgrimages and lead their flocks to ‘The Holy Land’? It’s a holy show and a disgrace. Jesus asked for sacrifice and repentance. Filling the coffers of ongoing genocidal operations conducted by Israeli Jewish nationalist supremacists and their allied Zionist supporters comprising overwhelmingly of so called Christian evangelists and fellow Jews in the western world doesn’t represent anything Jesus Christ asked of his followers. Eternal shame for silence and complicity awaits those who are the blind leading the blind into a pit of destruction. Palestine has devolved into a despicable outrage that cries out for liberation.

  8. KG Dan says:

    John describes a five-sided pool just inside the Sheep Gate in Jerusalem where the sick came to be healed. Since no other document of antiquity—including the rest of the Bible—mentions such a place, skeptics have long argued that John simply invented the place. But as Sheler points out, when archaeologists decided to dig where John said that the pool had been located, they found a five-sided pool. What’s more, the pool contained shrines to the Greek gods of healing.

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