7 Things You Didn’t Know About Holy Water

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys “dive in” to all things about Holy Water and share things you’ve never heard about it.

Episode 123:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• How is Holy Water made?
• How many kinds of Holy Water are there?
• Can you drink Holy Water?
• How Holy Water can fight the Devil
• Where is Holy Water in the Bible?
• and much more


11 comments on 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Holy Water

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    Holy water was in a bottle within my household the entire time I was growing up Catholic. My mother would replenish our supply weekly. We had a font she filled and we blessed ourselves from it every day before school. I used it as a blessing against the nuns. I had a devoted French Canadian Catholic dad and a devout Irish Catholic mom. Both were big fans of Bishop Sheen. I like your mug Fr. Rich.

    I no longer have holy water in my house and I should. I only bless myself with it before and after Mass when I go. I think I should get back into the habit of having a bottle in my house for spiritual warfare. Despite invoking Jesus the devil keeps returning to bedevil me. Maybe I should salt my property to keep the devil and his minions at bay. Wow, good to know how the properties of holy water are maintained when replenished with unblessed water. You can add to the supply of holy water up to a 49% dilution. I never knew there were no Baptisms during Lent. You learn something new every day especially when you pay attention.

    I am moving this Wednesday making for a crazy busy day. I am tired just thinking of the day. I am moving back to a community I lived in for 35 years. I miss it. Once I am back in my old parish I will check out the acquisition of holy water. I like Ryan Scheel’s idea of blessing rain clouds. Thank you Fr. Rich for showing us all how salt and water gets blessed in a ceremony.

    This was, as usual, interesting and informative and calming. Thank you for this show. Thank you for the reminder of the powers of holy water. (However when I was a kid it did nothing about stopping pop quizzes. Go figure.)

    Take care,
    Andrea, the packing and moving queen

  2. Deb says:

    I cook with blessed Olive Oil and Blessed Salt. We have bottled water blessed and drink that.

  3. True story. As a young mother of three and one on the way I was last minute packing to move to a bigger house. My elderly lady neighbor came over in the middle of the hectic confusion to give me a bottle of holy water. She said to make sure to sprinkle it in every room of the new house before the moving van got there. Running around like a banshee changing diapers, tapping boxes, gathering the older boys and making sure the house was in perfect order for the new family,I put the holy water in my pocket and took off. The children and I get to the new house and the same race was on .I give the boys “jobs” to keep them occupied and prepare for the movers when I reach in my pocket and remember the Holy water. I start to feel guilty (Catholic guilt) and run around the house sprinkling and asking for blessings. The van came and I didn’t get to finish the basement. It was pouring rain that day, so we were very busy. When we were done I started dinner and we were as peaceful as a family could be after such a day. The rain continued and the day ended. I’m in bed, I jump up remembering I forgot the basement. My husband thought I’d lost my mind, but I had to go down the basement. I was too late. Water was all over the floor! We had it inspected before we purchased it and there were no problems. In tears I asked forgiveness and proceeded with my task. What a day! We found a very small leak in the foundation which was easily repaired. This happened almost over fifty years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. P.S. the new baby was a girl !!!

    1. Angie Richert says:

      I love that story Rita! I can completely relate!

  4. Angie Richert says:

    Our parish is also without Holy Water. When we could go back to Mass, I asked the priest for some and he said to bring him a gallon of water and he would bless it. Who knew??!!! When we ran out I kind of felt like I was asking for contraband – he thought that was funny. We have had a Holy Water font at our back door for years. Thanks for the great information. Is it appropriate to invite a priest to your home for a blessings? As long as you feed him dinner of course!

    1. Crystal says:

      It is absolutely fine to invite a priest/deacon to bless your home. When we moved into our new home, we had a house blessing party – like a house warming but it started with a full home blessing before all the festivities. Our parish priest wasn’t available to do it but our deacon did. He went through each room of the house and even (I didn’t know this was a thing) blessed our stairs..

  5. As a new Catholic, I was so encouraged by your exorcism of the salt and the water. I use Holy water and have a font by our front door. Since we haven’t been leaving the house during Covid, I have let it run dry. I am going to get some Holy water from my parish and begin filling it again. The power of the words in the exorcism prayer is a picture of the power in the water. I think of the Verse in Genesis that speaks of the Holy Spirit hovering over the waters. Thank you.

  6. Ann Lynch says:

    Than. You so very very much!

    1. MamaMeg says:

      Blessing rain clouds! Novel!! My 18 year old son has named the up and coming formulation of a blessed energy drink (since Monster and maybe others put curses over their ingredients).
      Pray for the drink and I will keep you posted as I am hoping you may be part of the work of it, the blessing of it and getting the word out:)
      It will be called ArchAngel… (Get your Halo)
      Blessing you all, and your continued work! To God give the Glory!

  7. Philippa O'Neill says:

    Hi team and Fr Pagano, I have a font at the front door. Also, we sprinkle Holy Water around the home sometimes. Our PP blesses the Holy Water as you do.. with blessed salt. Others take a bottle of water with them and there is no salt added to it.. is it the same? Great episode. God bless you all, Philly

  8. Walter Marcotte says:

    Father and Ryan and Ryan, I just watched this one again for about the third or fourth time. I keep going back and re-watching the ones that I really enjoy, not that I don’t enjoy the others, but I’m involved in RCIA here at our parish and depending on the topic I will go back and watch a particular podcast to draw out information for the evening.

    I can’t remember a time when we didn’t have a holy water font at the front door. I do have a story to relate to when I was young, in about the first or second grade and living in Minnesota in the late forties. My brother was an infant at the time It was particularly stormy outside with a lot of wind and lightning. My mother always put a cup of holy water at the front and back doors during storms. This night the tree on the neighboring property was blown over and came down across the front walk up to the house. It missed any part of the front door and porch by only inches. We attribute that to the protection that the holy water surrounding the house gave us. When mother put the cups of holy water out, we believe that it put a protective umbrella over and around the house.

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