Answering Listener Questions On Catholicism

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys answer your questions live! (and have a few beers!


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  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    Missed the announcement on your live YouTube episode that just happened on the 17th. I follow you on your website and there was nothing there announcing a live show. Would have loved to join the live chat. I am watching the replay and it was a good segment and idea to interact with your viewers! Good questions and good answers! Straight talk.

    An episode on Catholic Schools is a great idea. Ryan Scheel, I went to 12 years of Catholic School. I got a lot from it including a really good foundational education from the learned teaching Sisters of Notre Dame. Not all my experiences were good ones however.

    God bless your brother and his mental health issues, Ryan Dellacrosse. I will keep him in my prayers and many medicines work so that you can function better in the world. I know this personally. I understand his daily struggle(s). Worldwide mental health disorders have increased greatly in the past decade or more. The Internet has picked up the pace on causing a great deal of excessive mental stress.

    Ryan Scheel I believe in a literal Adam and Eve and that God is the Creator of our Universe so He is the Ultimate Scientist. Amazing but then the mystery of the Divine may never have all our questions answered or the answers understood even in the next life.

    I know a young person who just joined Catholic Match as she wants a serious relationship working towards marriage. I wish the listener in the live chat good luck too finding his/her spouse.

    Matt Fradd has really good intelligent and literate conversations but they are too long sometimes. He also came across as totally arrogant to me once when he did a diatribe about not caring about the emails he gets nor does he want them. Like don’t bother him. Fine, I say. I really like Mike Schmitz, Fr. Spitzer and Bishop Barron as well as Scott Hahn.

    My rosary “app” is actually a 24/7 looping livestream Internet rosary – The Rosary Crew with Keith Nester -. It is awesome and the live chat prayer intentions and prayer requests keep on coming. He has a YouTube page that is worth checking out and a link on the bottom of it to his new Rosary Channel which will launch the end of this week in January. I have never felt closer to our Blessed Mother! The prayer community of prayer warriors is awesome as well.

    Would love to see pictures of your kids guys and hear more stories on them.

    Good question about Fr. Rich being hit on by both sexes. Hee hee. He was stymied with his answer. But celibacy is his choice for his vocation. Enough said I would think.

    Please, sticking out the tongue seems rude. I rather have the communion wafer placed in my hands. But, either way is fine as long as it is done with reverence. I agree with you guys.

    Take care!

  2. Jenn Giroux says:

    Hello guys,
    I am listening to your show with Catholic questions.
    Great energy. I need to challenge you on the answer you gave regarding Pope
    Francis restrictions on the Traditional Latin Mass. The Pope (any Pope) cannot change or remove the Doctrine and pronouncements by early Councils of the Church. It’s not a matter of his preference, just like he cannot allow homosexual marriage or the use of contraception. I’d like to encourage you to look deeper into this for the sake of your listeners. I currently attend the Novos Ordo Mass and occassionally the TLM that is approved by our Bishop. But I have to say that the bizarre pronouncements coming out of the Vatican on the Mass has led me more to attend the the timeless and unchanging 2000+ years Latin Mass. I’m a mother of 9, I’m Irish till I need to be Italian (I’m half and half). Pope Francis has placed a huge burden on Catholic Parents in all the nonstop confusion he causes with his heretical opinions. The uncatachized do not understand the difference in his opinion and unchanging church doctrine. Thanks for trying to keep the culture Catholic.

  3. Hi! I recently discovered your show on YouTube and love it! I’m 76 yrs old and love learning new things about my faith. Thank you . I’m a cradle Catholic and attended Catholic schools all the way through nursing school. I treasure that. I was educated to understand that Latin was the universal language of our church. This is still true as I’ve had the opportunity to attend Mass in several countries where the principal parts of the Mass was said in Latin. There was never a lack of understanding Latin due to the St Joseph missal which had both the Latin and English. One had to pay attention to the liturgy to follow. I think this is not as well expressed in the vernacular. As far as receiving the Eucharist on the tongue as well as taking the cup, how can anyone take issue? There is nothing in this world more pure and sacred and there has never been any evidence that I could find relating illness and and the reception of the Eucharist on the tongue. When the Communion rails were removed , my understanding was to remove the “ barrier” between the congregation and what was taking place at the alter. I’m on the fence about reinstating it. I’ve also picked up on perhaps disapproval of extraordinary ministers. Both my late husband and I were privileged to be EMs and I’d like to know your objections. My church has 4500 families, sadly not all attend. With only 2 priests EMs seem like a good idea. After all, this is the closest a woman can come to participating in the liturgy of the Mass. I thank you for taking the time to read this and encourage you all to continue your program and educating even the cradle Catholics. God Bless

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