Top 10 BEST Catholic Priests In Movies

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys rank the best portrayals of Catholic Priests in Movies.

Episode 198:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• What makes a great movie priest?
• Raul Julia’s powerful performance in “Romero”
• The underrated Molokai: The Story Of Father Damien
• Why “A Man For All Seasons” is great
• and much more


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7 comments on Top 10 BEST Catholic Priests In Movies

  1. Dottie Borowski says:

    Needed to watch video after Feast of the Assumption Mass. I just LOVED this episode! Consecrated widow dedicated to praying for Priests…’felt’ Fr. Rich’s true heart felt crosses at times. Episode was perfect! You all are in my daily prayers! Holy Mother, pray for us and our Priests!

  2. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    WONDERFUL show!! Thank you so much for it. I wanted to become a priest after watching Bells of St. Mary’s, and was sad I was female Bing Crosby rocks. These examples made me take another look at Fr. Pagano and how much admiration you guys give to him and affirmation. He is a good priest because he wants to be and many priests or saints have set good examples for him. It definitely is a calling from God and what makes it so romantic has to be the love that priests have for God and man. Movies have shown this quite well. Books and movies shaped my heart and my soul when I was a kid and my soul hasn’t bent out of shape since. It longs to be good. It longs to be with God, and this despite spiritual warfare of the worst kind sometimes. God bless us all – always!

  3. Jeff says:

    I love your joyful Christian friendship and dynamic, and you certainly did not disappoint in this episode. If I could suggest that you check out The Scarlet and the Black from 1983. The true story of Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty who hid Allied servicemen and Jews in and around the Vatican during the Second World War. It features powerful portrayals by John Gielgud, Christopher Plummer and a matured priestly portrayal by the legendary Gregory Peck as the Irish clergyman. If you have not seen it I hope that you check out this inspiring movie and let us know what you think. God bless you guys!

  4. Mike Damiano says:

    Montgomery Clift in I Confess.

  5. Bill R says:

    Guys, you know that St. Thomas More was not a priest, right? Great movie. Great portrayal of a GREAT Man. But he wasn’t a priest, so I’m unsure how he made your list. I concur with Mike Damiano, above, for Montgomery Cliff in Alfred Hitchcock’s “I Confess.”

  6. Bob says:

    You Missed it on Angels With Dirty Faces. Cagney was the tough guy, he was going out tough. Pat O’Brien ASKED him to think about the boys who were outside the prison, they idolized Cagney, he was their hero. Pat O’Brien asked him to not to play the tough guy, If he was “yellow” the boys would turn from their hero in disgust. That he was leading those boys down the wrong path. Cagney initially refused to do it. He wasn’t afraid of dying But at the last minute he changed, That was what that last scene was about. Listened on MP3 but I still see the shadows. Watch the movie again.
    You could have been a little more generous in “bleeps” on the other clip….not always just adults listening

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