Can Catholics Believe In Astrology & Horoscopes?

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys discuss the practices of Astrology and Horoscopes and why they are incompatible with both Catholic theology and scientific understanding.

In this episode you will learn:

• Can Catholics believe in astrology?
• Is the Zodiac mentioned in the Bible?
• What did the Church fathers say about astrology?
• Does science refute astrology?
• 5 examples of why astrology is dumb
• and much more

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4 comments on Can Catholics Believe In Astrology & Horoscopes?

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    Good episode and when I was really young I followed my daily horoscope and so didn’t a lot of my friends at that time. Did the stars model me or did I model the stars? LOL. It is narcissistic and dumb but it was fun. I would forget the horoscope during the course of the day because the whole practice was entertainment not enlightenment. Never once thought it was a dangerous thought pattern to exercise.

    Historically, I had learned that astrology was a science that later on became downgraded to a pseudo science. This wasn’t mentioned in your podcast. Interesting you mentioned King Saul or other early rulers, RS. Were the prophets they consulted to converse with God different from the prophets they consulted about the outcome of battles? You brought up the subject RS and I think that question should be your inquisition question. Then there is the casting of lots. All methods mentioned in the Bible.

    As far as people following patterns and rituals there are many who do feel they own the seat in their own particular pew in church. The longer they have been parishioners the more they feel they own the church. They are also the first to condemn newcomers who don’t fall in line. Are they listening at all to the readings and homily?!

    According to the song about the unicorn he kept playing when Noah was doing the two by two animal number and that is why there are no unicorns today.

    Yes RD, you are right it was mentioned at an earlier podcast about the craters on the moon named after Jesuits who discovered them. RS, I think you enjoyed calling people dumb a little bit too much in this podcast as in casting the obvious comparison to your logical intelligent self. Another form of narcissism like reading horoscopes.

    I did like your wrap up RS about how God created the Universe for us, every one of us. That is a biblical truth.

    I noticed that you are out of self-quarantine and together in the studio again. Stay safe and stay healthy all three of you. By the way, is RS a Leo? They think well of themselves, and are bossy. Fr. Rich could be a Libra and RD a water sign. Just having some fun.

  2. Cindy says:

    I’m an amateur astronomer. Just an fyi, while 12 constellations make up the zodiac, the zodiac does not make all constellations. As per your example, Cassiopeia is NOT in the zodiac. The elliptical is where the 12 zodiac constellations follow. That’s why the ancients made them into a religion of sorts. And astrology & astronomy are 2 different things. One is science & one is superstition.

    1. Andrea says:

      In ancient times Ptolemy was an astrologer and astronomer. Astrology wasn’t separated from the science of astronomy until 1679 according to Wikipedia.

  3. Mark Graff says:

    Great idea, Mark Gobio as a guest. Sorry if miss spelled.

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