Crazy And Weird Stories About Catholic Popes

Being the Pope, the successor of Saint Peter and the Vicar of Christ isn’t always as straightforward as it may seem. In fact, sometimes, it gets downright weird.

In this episode of the Catholic Talk Show, the guys talk about some the craziest things Popes have experienced and done.

5 comments on Crazy And Weird Stories About Catholic Popes

  1. Patrick Eoin Brogan says:

    As a segue to your discussion of why popes change their name, you might wish to discuss why they also put aside their scarlet cardinalatial robes and replace them with white.

    1. Bruce Roby says:

      Hey great job but too much laughing. I’m very impatient. Can u guys stick to the topic n let the speaker talk n u guys and questions later in? 😂😂 that’s my 2 cents. Once again thank u for all u do for the Church

  2. Ellen Halloran says:

    I agree with the commentator above – too much laughter – and some of it seems forced.

  3. Love the show. So if Helen Hunt wanted to stay with the dentist would she be granted an annulment? She married the dentist in good faith.

  4. Laeticia A. says:

    Hello, I came across your blog The Catholic Talk Show through some research on Facebook about Catholicism. Being a young adult, I think that the History of the Church cannot just be put in aside. It takes a lot of maturity to better appreciate it. The history of the Church is very much.a part of World’s history. I love the history of the church. It manifest that the Roman Catholic Church is One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church and you have to look at it as one big picture to have a better understanding of our faith. You cannot look at it or study by piece without considering the world circumstances at that time. Otherwise people may think that we are trying to justify the crisis that the church is seriously facing nowadays. We should not say the crisis now is nothing compared to what took place in the past. The crisis and should be analyzed and resolved considering present condition situation and circumstances as a whole. Why not talk about the good popes? Who shape not only the church but the world? History will remain history, the matter is current popes and the church should not generalize views about a small segment.

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