The Shared Roots of Judaism & Catholicism

On this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, Ryan, Ryan, and Father Rich are joined by Rabbi Dan Gordon to discuss the relationship between Judaism and Catholicism.

In this episode we cover:
• Midrash traditions about Abraham
• Ancient Church documents about how Christians should treat Jews
• Understanding the Crucifixion compared to The Passover meal
• Nostra Aetate and modern Jewish-Christian relations
• and much more!

For more about Rabbi Dan Gordon, visit him at www.rabbidangordon.com

5 comments on The Shared Roots of Judaism & Catholicism

  1. This show was by far my favorite. I have learned so much. I grieve for what man has done to his brothers and continue to do daily. I taught in a Public school and often questions came up about the Bible. Yes I know I was not supposed to discuss religion, but I had to plant a seed for what all religions are supposed to teach. Simply love one another and that it isGod’s ( however you discern Him) job to judge us not ours. Praise the differences , do not hate. I should tell you I taught for 18 years in an alternative school for kids that could not be allowed in their home school. We accepted all types but not first degree arson or first degree rape. My kids went from spoiled brats to gang leaders with everting between. It amazed me how many questions they had about the Bible. To keep my job I would tell them that this group of books gave us the best way to be happy. I hope I planted enough seeds so that they would remember as they matured. Thank all of you for giving me a better understanding of each other.

  2. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,

    This was my favorite show and then Adam & Eve and the Shroud of Turin. I have now watched 6 of your podcasts and have officially become a fan.

    It is amazing how your topics line up with my thoughts, questions, and interests about my faith and this may indicate a pretty good audience is out there for your shows.

    I have read various books of the Bible during the past year or so. (Good job Ryan Scheel for plugging through Numbers.) I am on my own personal and spiritual journey to God and although my path is personal to my salvation there are quite a number of us out there examining and re-examining our faith, its dogma, our beliefs and our own personal ministry if we have one.

    I really enjoy hearing Fr. Rich’s stories as an enthusiastic priest loving his vocation. His adventures in God are always lively ones.

  3. Michael Turniansky says:

    Baruch hashem hamvorach l’olam va’ed is NOT the second line of Shema. That’s Baruch shem kavod malchuto l’olam va’ed. Baruch Hashem hamvorach l’olam va’ed is the response of the congregation to the first blessing of the person called up to the Torah.

  4. Samantha says:

    Could someone please get me the names of the Vatican documents listed in this video? Would like to do further research and I don’t know latin.

  5. James Henry says:

    Great video. The guy you should iget on your show to further this conversation is Dr. Brant Pitre.

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