Why Every Catholic Should Wear The Brown Scapular

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Steve Kerekes to discuss the Brown Scapular and why no Catholic should be caught dead without one.

Episode 114:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• What is The Brown Scapular?
• The Appearance of Mary to Saint Simon Stock
• Who can wear the Brown Scapular?
• Is The Brown Scapular a “Get Out Of Hell Free” Card?
• What is the Sabbatine Privilege
• What requirements are needed to wear the Scapular?
• What other color Scapulars are there? • and much more

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7 comments on Why Every Catholic Should Wear The Brown Scapular

  1. Andrea says:

    Hello everyone,
    I got a brown scapular either for my First Communion or my Confirmation. I can’t remember which at this late date in time. I had it for years and it was always in my jewelry box back when I was a kid and a teenager. It disappeared at some point in time when I was in my early twenties. I stopped wearing it when I graduated Catholic high school. I haven’t paid much attention to sacramentals until you guys came along with your show. My mother kept all holy things always as they were blessed.

    I think I am going to order one for myself and one for each of my two older sisters and thank you for the opportunity to do so. My extended family has a deacon in its number. (Ryan Scheel I will try flashing it to St. Peter if I make it as far as the Gates of Heaven. LOL!) My mother wore hers until it frayed away and I don’t remember her replacing it just storing it away in the ubiquitous Danish cookies tin box which was a repository for prayer cards and extra rosary beads.

    RS, I had 2 great aunts on my father’s side who were nuns. My father’s side of the family came from French Canada. They were serious Catholics up there and I do mean serious. Jeesh! I don’t think I have a single family picture of them smiling. Yet my father was full of life and very jovial as in Santa Claus. Go figure. (Now on the Irish side or maternal side they were happy Catholics though no less devotional.)

    I mean there’s just so much to remember in preparation for croaking- keep the scapular on, make sure you are in a state of grace so you won’t go to hell, be sure you watched the latest Catholic Talk Show, and so on.

    Thank you Fr. Rich for your usual blessings on us all. We surely need them.

    Take care,

  2. Denise Wood says:

    I keep my family members in scapulars. We all wear the extra small ones and they last quite a while. I have buried some of the ones that have broken and have kept others.

  3. Marc Larocque says:

    Will I be doomed to hell if I have never worn one ? Father Richard thank you got your blessing catholic talk show we love you guys thank you for all you do

  4. Francisco Ignatius Wihale says:

    Thank you for for reminding us about spiritual weapons, and Catholicism, this makes our spirits and faith to be rejuvenated/ animated.

  5. Joyce Lenardson says:

    As a child of 14 siblings we wore the medal scapular until when I was grown and read about the cloth scapular. I have been making them for many years and supply our church SSPX with them. I started making them when the ones I bought didn’t last for my 9 children. We have always been Catholics. One of my brothers became a priest. We have religious in every generation. I would never be without one. I also love the miracles medal. There are many graces for wearing one. I am so thankful for our Blessed Mother giving us such a wonderful protection.

  6. J.P. Too says:

    I belong to a Discalced Carmelite parish and my whole family wears the brown scapular. Every year on the feast day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel our pastor enrolls anyone who wants to be, and anyone in the parish can get a new free scapular if theirs is worn out. It is a fantastic garment!

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