Protesting San Francisco Mass Restrictions W/ Archbishop Cordileone

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco to discuss the unjust and draconian restrictions put on the Mass in San Francisco.


Episode 105:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• The Archbishop’s response to Nancy Pelosi
• The insane and unfair restrictions in San Francisco
• How the Archdiocese is following the science
• How you can help the fight
• and much more


21 comments on Protesting San Francisco Mass Restrictions W/ Archbishop Cordileone

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    First of all the protests are a false equivalence to this situation, Archbishop. Just as a recap everyone, we are in a pandemic that has killed 200,000 Americans and until a vaccine comes about everyone needs to practice social distancing and wear masks. My expiration date is up to God but I don’t believe in pushing the envelope. We Catholics are living under special dispensation during all this and livestreaming a service makes sense still. By the way, the Archbishop keeps making analogies about businesses being opened up but not the church in other words the Catholic Church is a business. I don’t think he should keep making that comparison or keep going down that road. I think that is self-defeating. How many people does he want at each Mass? He thinks 100 is too little and the state thinks that is too large a number.

    That said, the restrictions are not fair compared to the businesses that have opened up already indoors. It is discrimination on the part of San Francisco considering the circumstances as outlined. The Archbishop has had two articles published in the Washington Post and he didn’t make his argument either time but I attribute that to his writing for the most part. He was smart to turn to other public mediums including the Catholic Talk Show. (Unfortunately, he came under attack by the non-religious who had little to no sympathy about the Catholic Church and its predicament. I was reading all the comments made against each article published.)

    I believe a wedding in Maine that took place led to 145 direct cases of the coronavirus or maybe more. The pastor there ignored the restrictions. The discrimination shown to the Catholic Church, however, in San Francisco is also discouraging. I agree with that. But two wrongs do not a right make. You can’t fill up the churches just yet but other states have opened theirs, under restrictions, and a check on how they are doing should be made as far as related cases of coronavirus or not.

    “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13 Hang in there everyone a worldwide vaccine is coming and until that happens we all have to live under this temporary new normal.

    1. Is not churches it is Church one and only one Holy Catholic Church. The cause of all the problems –The Reformation–the solution return to The Holy Catholic Faith.🙏🕯😇⏳

      1. Char says:

        There is a flu vaccine, but people get the flu still. You are swallowing the bull that is put forth each time the goalposts are moved.

      2. Beverley Bennett says:

        Excellent post, John. God bless.

    2. The Archbishop is not asking or advocating for unsafe conditions, simply just the same considerations given to secular businesses.

    3. Well said Andrea. Prayers. Lynda Bucci Snodsmith

    4. Melinda says:

      The wedding event in Maine that is frequently cited was quite early on in this pandemic before anyone knew what we were dealing with. Things are different now because we all understand the importance of mask wearing, sanitizing things and social distancing protocols. You did hear the mention of 1 million masses with NO cases right?

    5. Diane Thomas says:

      There is no reason that people cannot go to mass and pop tactics safe distancing etc they could even broadcast from the parking lot into cars for very susceptible people.
      But there is one thing that I have not seen mentioned regarding the number of Covid deaths in some, possibly most jurisdictions, if a person has even one symptom that is associated with Covid and dies EVEN IF NEVER TESTED, they are listed as a Covid death. I know someone in Mass. whose 98 year old grandma in hospice since January because of terminal brain cancer was listed as Vivid because she developed a fever the day before she died, but no Covid test was done because the law if any symptoms are present even if only one and for a short time it must be listed as a Covid death.

  2. Deblette says:

    That is all ridiculous. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is no more going to bring high covid cases anymore than any other place. One would refer to businesses that are allowed to operate with more people because they are what are doing so. It does not make the church sound like a business.
    I am in MInnesota and our churches have been open for Mass, with restrictions, for four months. There have not been any major breakouts of covid nor even one case that I have heard of and I go to daily Mass. The parish next to me has 250 in the main church, 100 people in the gym, 100 people in the cafeteria and a parking lot full of people!!!
    Any government that is denying the Church to operate is denying US our constitutional rights to worship.
    It is time to realize what is going on. California is a cesspool of evil and the one thing that is really needed there is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and the Sacraments. They are what Christ gave us to strengthen us and give His life within us.

    1. This is The history of The Holy Catholic Church in England or George Orwell’s book 1984 ..

  3. Matthew says:

    The link you posted – Is it working?
    Also, the link shows “.com”; in the late part of the show Fr. mentioned “.org”
    However, when I used either address, I got the following errors:

    The connection has timed out … The server at freethemass.com is taking too long to respond.
    The connection has timed out … The server at freethemass.org is taking too long to respond.


      I’m running into the same problem. I’ve tried several times and keep getting an error message.

    2. Anne Nelson says:

      It worked fine for me. Use free the mass.com in the search bar

  4. Eva says:

    Is truly sad to see so little faith in the Church today! In Phoenix mass has been open with restrictions but no one has gotten sick! I feel sorry that so many are following the sciences and not God in all of this; Pelosi like Biden are CATHOLICS in name, but clueless about God (thanks to the Almighty, they will have an end soon)! I support Bishop Cordileone, just wished he would have awoken months ago and not allow state legislators take over the mass. One has to be pretty spiritually blind not to see or understand this has been used to shut Catholics up and to control “The Holy Catholic Church! Leave it to men to make a real mess of things, but thank God he still looks at us with pity and mercy AND has the last words in all things!

  5. Tim says:

    Maybe it’s time to play against them on their own field: file a federal lawsuit for violating all of the parishioners’ civil rights and for discrimination.

  6. FHL says:

    My daughter and I both signed it from Southwestern Ontario! Worked first try. Zip code optional, thankfully. Suffocating the Faithful always backfires. May the Lord God Almighty shatter the shackles. SFO, LET THEM GO! freethemass.org (showed 6,621 signatures on the petition a few moments ago)

    1. FHL says:

      Over 19,000 signatures now, and a letter from the department of justice to the mayor calling out her appalling behaviour as ‘draconian’. Three cheers for the bishop and his faithful flock! Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Basilica east of Quebec City holds 9000 and currently allows only 25 for Mass. Canada is suffering right alongside other dioceses. We’ve heard churches get more from government handouts to remain closed or minimally operational than they were getting from decreased congregation populations and offertory collections. Economics meets geo-politics. Ugh. May the Good God help us all.

      1. FHL says:

        36,000+ signatures as of 29Sep2020, the feast of the Archangels Michael Gabriel and Raphael. The mayor has dropped unjust restrictions and the community in SFO can celebrate their patron today on his feastday!

        Almighty God the Father be ever praised and glorified. Amen.
        Ecce Crucem Domini!
        Fugite partes adversae!
        Vicit Leo de tribu Juda,
        Radix David! Alleluia!
        Saint Anthony pray for us. Saint Francis of Assisi, pray for us.

  7. Anne Nelson says:

    At least 80% of the 100 people allowed at Mass in San Diego are elderly and high risk. Still no cases of COVID-19 have been traced to the Church.

    This is anti-religion Marxism. The Church needs to be heard.

  8. Tyrone/South Africa says:

    Why don’t people comment on what is being said and not what think is said. I agree with the Archbishop.

  9. Laura G. says:

    I live in one of the counties that is under the Archdiocese of San Francisco, and it has been very difficult here to be able to attend Mass physically. My family and I, along with our faith communities, have been watching the virtual live-streamed masses for months. Then for a short blink of an eye, we were able to attend Mass in person with a limit of no more than 100 parishioners and with all of the precautions in place (masks, alcohol wipes, social distancing, temperature checks, etc.). This soon ended and back to live-streamed Masses once again. Now, we are able to hold Mass outdoors for the past three weeks. Our situation is definitely uncertain. The rules keep changing for the followers of Christ. Persecution has been and continues to be in full force for all the faithful. Thank you, Archbishop Cordileone for standing up to this injustice. The flock that God has entrusted to you needs you to be strong and persevere. We are supporting you 100%.

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