How Much Money Does The Catholic Church Actually Have?

How much does the Pope make? How much money does Vatican City spend every year? Why are people talking about selling the Vatican? On today’s episode of The Catholic Talk Show—the guys talk about the finances and money of the Catholic Church.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How much do priests make?
  • How much do Cardinals make?
  • How much do Pope Emeritus Benedict and Pope Francis make?
  • How much money does the Catholic Church bring in every year?
  • How much does the Catholic Church give away in charity every year?
  • and much more!


17 comments on How Much Money Does The Catholic Church Actually Have?

  1. Yousaffrancis says:

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    1. Sur Mirage says:

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  2. Patrick Eoin Brogan says:

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vatican_euro_coins. Actually, prior to 2017 it was the pope’s image on the coin. Now it is the coat of arms.

  3. Chuck Loader says:

    Hey Guys,
    This was very informative and worthwhile listening to. I really liked the comment, “A gift is only a gift it it keeps on giving.” What a beautiful sentiment.
    Pointing out that the Church is merely an “Instrument” was a new way of looking at it for me. Your pointing out where money is spend and the amount was truly eye opening.

    m now planning to watch & listen to other episodes as time permits.
    Thank You & God Bless

  4. Harriet Cornett says:

    There are many gifted artisans within many Catholic diocese. I would love to see an outreach where the Church buys, or sells on commission, the items artisans make to the Catholic and all other people in the diocese. There could be a 10% fee for selling items on commission for products they do not buy outright from the artisan. These markets would assist the young, the elderly, the disabled, and artisans in general by giving them a marketplace to sell what they make – Christmas ornaments, jewelry, wood products, sculptures, hand knit items, baby clothes, christening gowns, etc.

  5. Jacinda Ramsey says:

    I laugh out loud everytime I watch/listen to your show. I almost fell out of my chair with the Episcopalian comment! So funny!

    1. Kronae says:

      The Episcopalian comment was NOT funny. At least we have the best of everything. Beautiful Sacred Liturgy (Not under the sanction of Mons. Guido Marini) and are free to improvise ad lib. But, we don’t. The Liturgy is beautiful as is Mons. Lucky you. But our priests can marry or not. They have families, or not and after a few years as an Episcopal Priest many look at celibacy of the Roman Church with envy. They look at the same hours they spend in service to the church, all that it takes to have a family, keep the wife sane and happy and in ten years wish they had knocked at the Vatican doors. You have fine Fiddleback Chasubles and gorgeous lace. But, running around all day in a black cassock, exchanged for white in tropical zones is somewhat off-putting. Have fun on the show and enjoy life it is our gift, make good use of it.

  6. Fran Hartford says:

    Why was the diocesan/archdiocesan “Cathedraticum” not discussed, which is assessed to every parish within that diocese/archdiocese- Ex. Boston- to support the charitable works locally?

  7. Tony Ciraolo says:

    First time listening to your show fantastic very good information never heard before cannot wait for next show

  8. Katherin kala says:

    Hi friends in Christ According to me, once should never attack a priest, in any way, what ever happens ,or any error rather we should pray & tell to lord because every mass Jesus will be standing next to the priest, we should not talk about the church, because its God holy place of worship, what ever priest do in the unworthy manner we have to tell Jesus while praying, Our Lords ie., Christ the King heart will be wounded & his heart will be sickened if we common people or lame people talk about the church & priest

  9. Judith says:

    Thank you, it’s been wonderful listening to you guys, and I guess we do not have to listen to the critics as long as we know that we are doing work that is worthwhile.
    But maybe we can still look into ways that can allow the money to be used in ways that can generate and sustain the local communities, especially knowing that senior citizens are getting a raw deal with no caretakers, even old priests, i.e. in making their lives a little more comfortable in their final years.
    Secondly the youth, I may be wrong, but we find that more is being done to advocate why abortion is wrong, but less to say why we should discipline ourselves and channel our energies towards more wholesome living.
    Third, while we notice the church has often taken upon itself to help it’s own in need, there are times when we overlook a similar need in another and this happens more at a local level than at an international level. (e.g we will help a refugee from another land, but someone nextdoor?)
    We as a church can do much more in reaching out and training youth and children to grow and build up beautiful communities, but sadly it happens inconsistently. Time it happened in a consistent and as you say (the church is a structured entity) in a well structured way. There should be no poor parishes but everyone on par.
    My few stray thoughts, God bless us all.
    And oh yes, with reference to the money which gets paid to the Pope in coins, only on his death, quite weird indeed, how did this idea originate? And does he have a say on how possibly it can be used on his death, coz if he doesn’t than it’s not fair to say those are his dues. 🙂
    Thanks for hearing me out – Catholic

  10. George says:

    Christianity with all denominations under attack by secular atheists like you….the churh charitys fighting poverty and human suffering all over the world.in Church is peace and love and hope!!!
    In God We Trust

  11. Donna Beedy says:

    Love you guys! So funny but very informative. Would love Father to come visit our church in St. MARYS , GA “Our Lady Of The Sea” when he is in St. Augustine or Jacksonville FLA area.

  12. Bob G says:

    Very informative podcast, and good humor also. The only problem I have is that you had one tiny error in your discussion of whether the Vatican should be sold, and it did not have any impact on the conclusion you defended. You said that if the Vatican were sold, then there would be entrance fees to visit instead of being free. While MOST churches and cathedrals are free to enter and appreciate, there are some around the world that do charge entrance fees. The Vatican is among the ones with an entrance fee. Last October, the fee was €17, +€4 if you want to prebuy online to avoid waiting in line for hours to buy a ticket at the door.

    1. Bob G says:

      P. S., If I recall correctly, there is one day per week when only Italians can visit, and they get in free. But, I may be confusing that with some other location.

  13. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    Another relevant topic and show. I get that criticism always from non Catholics or non practicing Catholics. They want the assets sold, the artwork, the documents etc. all the treasures of the world entrusted to the Church sold. I can now tell them how much the Church spends on supporting churches, educational or charitable programs, schools, healthcare, hospitals, etc. or $171B annually. Annually! I often wondered myself but guessed in the hundreds of millions. My guess was obviously way too low! I knew that priests made peanuts annually and now I know how much cardinals make as well as the Pope.

    I have been trying to subscribe at the patreon.com but get nowhere. I think you need a PayPal connection or something for those who want to make a one time donation through their card and who do not belong to FB or any other social media outlet. I myself have no such account for very good reasons.

    A lot of atheists think religion, in general and Catholicism in particular, is superstitious nonsense made up of hoaxes. I get that a lot in addition to the Church being criticized for always looking for money. Persecution of our faith goes on every day out in the world.

    I think all three of you know what I know it is not easy being a Catholic once you step away from other believers. We get a lot of grief.

    Thanks for your podcasts and everything I learn from them!
    God bless us all!

  14. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    Glad you put this podcast out there again for those who missed it the first time around and for those, like myself, who wanted to watch it again. I confess to re-watching some of my favorite episodes of yours. The ones I find the most relevant to what people are asking and thinking about out there regarding the Catholic Church and Catholics. Also the ones I felt were really well done. They bear repeating and some are good enough, after a bit of tweaking, to be taught in religious education classes.

    A major criticism of the Catholic Church centers around how much money the church has and why they are always asking for money. In addition to the individuals thinking that the tax exempt status should be taken away from religious institutions there are those who think they are a money-making ‘criminal’ organization. The last time I watched this podcast I learned fact that $171B is spent annually by my Church on charities including hospitals, orphanages, healthcare, women and homeless shelters, education, etc. I make sure that figure gets out there and list what it supports. It is a mind-boggling amount and I bet no other religious institutions come close or can even hope to come close to that amount annually.

    The average annual operating budget for Vatican City is $350M a year and they don’t collect taxes. Most of their income comes from tourism, museums, and artworks. Donations are the way the church operates additionally.

    The news this week in Washington Post, one of my online news sources, was about McCarrick paying out $600k in donations to clerics and two of our past Popes. They exposed a Catholic Church document that was due for release months back, so they got a copy and are using it to investigate possible donations/payments they are intimating that were made to keep some of the known sexual predators in ‘office’. They also had a trailer to the article asking for those who work or have worked for Catholic Charities and found discrepancies. I am sure this happens, as you guys pointed out, because human beings are fallible and they are involved in managing these huge sums.

    I was thinking about buying the Vatican and turning it into a theme park RS, how did you know? I don’t know what prompted you to advertise this particular podcast again on the Internet but it is relevant to what is going on in the news and what people are saying and thinking. I want them to get their freaking facts straight because I get tired of hearing the same old same old attacks made against my Church.

    You guys are right. If they took money away from political campaigns out there they could feed the world for a year. RS I love how you went on a rant and raving roll about how many millions and billions are spent on frivolous activities or the porn industry or hair dye or video games and so on. Money that could be spent saving the world. Selling the Vatican is a stupid premise RS I agree. You are preaching to the choir with me.

    I had thought RS was talking about ‘ass lips’ like those overblown unnatural lips you see on some actresses. I didn’t realize until he said the phrase a few times he was talking about ‘ass lifts’. I thought you might enjoy my mistake so sharing it.

    Happy 2020 or New Year! I am hoping it is a better year for humanity and that all of us have good health and a closer relationship with God.

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