How The Internet Is Killing Religion

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys discuss how internet culture is damaging people’s faith- PLUS we read the meanest comments people have left on our videos!

Episode 166:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• The meanest things people have said about us
• The ugliest fight happening among Catholics
• Why internet comments can be cowardly
• Why Catholics are turning off people online
• and much more


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9 comments on How The Internet Is Killing Religion

  1. garth domokos says:

    I like Corinthians 11 when Paul addresses factions among the group, and states how its rooted in selfishness. I know for myself, these videos, seem to be informative, but they rob one of mental energy and time. In the parable of the sower, we see how the word gets sown and either does not take root or gets snatched by birds. I see too, how like the birth of Christ, the word needs to protected because there’s always a Herod ready to slaughter it.

    1. Mike Thompson says:

      I’ve been watching the show four about a year now and I have to say this was the funniest I’ve seen so far. My wife and I enjoyed it immensely, note her first episode. We love it all especially the bobble heads! Keep on doing what your doing we love you! God Bless!

  2. Natasha says:

    I’m a huge fan of your show, it actually helped lead me to inquiry for a vocation I think I’m being called to. I’ve never left a comment before, but after hearing all those comments at the end it made me want to come and say something nice. Keep up the good work, guys!

  3. Robin says:

    Your show is awesome. It has definitely informed me and brought me closer to God. Don’t stop your visible love and laughter. I always seek your show out when life brings me down a bit, especially after the loss of my son a few years ago. It does the trick. You are all intellegent and well spoken. God bless to you all. P.S. may I suggest a light read ” Between Heaven and Mirth” by James Martin, SJ.

  4. Andrea says:

    Merry Christmas!
    Great idea for a show and your point about cultural wars and how most of us Catholics avoid them is well taken RD! Lots of times your opinions reflect your audience guys. It is toxic out there and many vicious attackers are not even Catholic or Christian just in social media to attack Christians. RD you are right, it is hyper hysteria because of the size of the audience. Your point is well taken too Fr. Rich. There is no opportunity for reconciliation with this media. Your audience is remote and unknown and varied. They are unreachable and untouchable and that is why so many are in there anonymously spreading hate. Let’s face it a great deal of the time it is hate that is being spread. Then we have the stupid and ignorant who have found a forum in social media. It sounds cruel to categorize them this way but they are, and they have united their voices. They are not out there to learn they are out there to exercise their toxicity and to feel that their stupidity now has power and substance. Learning the truth is not a goal they have.

    RS many people in this world environment want their perceived enemies, political or religious, to die. I think it stems from a feeling of inadequacy that has hit everyone because of covid-19 and the pandemic. It is frightening to many as some wonder if it is a curse along with nature going wild on us because of lack of climate control. There are too many enemies coming after us all at once and some can’t deal and certainly don’t want to even know the other person’s opinion or stance. People feel attacked and lash out in many instances. They become the attackers because they feel under attack.

    Fr Rich, many people just hate the idea of different cultures and their ignorance has become fear. Fear of being replaced by others. Guys, you are wise. This was a conversation that was overdue. I wish we could reach these people on some level. Pray that their personal fears get overcome. Many have such fear because they don’t believe in God which leaves them nothing. No armor of strength to get through the day and through hard or tragic times.

    I love the session on nasty comments you received! I love the devil music reference from someone’s mom. Give me a break. I am sorry your humor has been attacked! Your sense of humor and mirth is appreciated by most of us guys. After hearing these comments I worry about the swamp minds so many people dwell in. It is scary as well as sad. Until social media came along and emphasized the divisions between people I wasn’t aware of how that makes millions of people hate in response. There is no reaching out to understand your neighbor just a reaching out to condemn him.

    This was one of your best episodes and Fr. Rich you are not gaining weight. Scheel you smile a lot and RD you come up with the most common viewpoint expressed by your audience so thank you guys for being your genuine selves always.

  5. Jeff says:

    Awesome show guys! I couldn’t agree more that the politics that have intruded into every aspect of of our lives is tearing down our society from the inside. My only consolation is that I know the Church will persevere; we’ve weathered far worse storms than this. Keep up the great work, I laughed my butt of at the comments. Always looking forward to the next episode.

  6. Elizabeth Cronin says:

    OMG- the comment section was so much fun, I laughed so hard! 😂

  7. Jack Swann says:

    Funny episode, perhaps best episode of all time for the humor of the absurd – Ryan S’s way of holding cup and granddad’s KOC sword are demonic, father’s fake teeth with Seinfeld reference, etc. Great content, funniest comments made by worst critics.

    With all respect Ryan D sits too close to mike while inhaling mucus and does spit some of his words. He really does “look like a guy at a bar” then says something really profound, usually starting with, “When I was in the seminary . . ..” Father seemed to have cleaned up his language. For example, he once said pissed off, not good for alter Christus. Great job, guys! I really laughed, enjoyed, shared with my daughter. Keep up the good work! You three knuckleheads or musketeers may move people’s hearts. Thank ou

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