The 7 Worst Popes In The History Of The Catholic Church

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys talk about the 7 worst men to ever sit on the Chair of St. Peter as Pope of the Catholic Church, including murderers, deviants, & heretics.

In this episode, you will learn
• The pope who dug up his predecessor and mutilated his corpse
• The pope who had an affair that led to a son (who would also become pope)
• The shocking and evil scandal of Pope Julius III
• The pope who was called “A demon from Hell”
• The corrupt family who hijacked the Vatican
• and much more

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Vicars of Christ by Charles A. Coulombe:


The Theophalact Family Tree:


13 comments on The 7 Worst Popes In The History Of The Catholic Church

  1. Nick Petrillo says:

    This should be juicy! Looking forward to tomorrow.

    1. Susan Wanke says:

      Well, I gave it TEN MINUTES and there was nothing but silly chit chat. I quit listening. Too much to filter out to hear what I wanted — a concise biography of 7 bad Popes.

      I have listen to a couple other episodes on other topics, and my take away was the same. My time is more precisoul than that — even if I happen to be mopping the floor!


      1. Marilyn Benage says:

        You can just fast forward through the video. Go to the part you want to hear. Easy.

  2. Andrea says:

    Good morning guys,
    I like my Tuesday morning start to the day by enjoying your show. Funny sick running joke about Theophylactus. The family from hell who happened in the 9th and 10th century. (Don’t worry, guys, I doubt they will be coming after you today as I bet they have changed their family name by now. Especially if they looked up their background in Tusculum via Ancestry.com. Of course, they may enjoy being infamous. RS, you of all people should know what begat means. You must have been napping during the Bible lesson, however.)

    Religious classes and sermons never covered the bad Popes as if they never existed because God wouldn’t have allowed it. We were taught that they were infallible, our Popes. I have since learned that means as far as doctrine, other than that they are human and subject to their human nature. As I grew older information that there were bad popes, as well as a woman Pope, trickled into my consciousness from different sources throughout the years. That woman Pope story would be of interest as a topic or a story woven into another podcast.

    I agree with both RD and RS that although that family hijacked the papacy for a 100 years their reign defined what we are not and what we do not want in a Pope. No, we don’t want murderers, fornicators and heretics seated in the Papal Chair. Evil did not prevail against the Church. The Church righted itself. I also learned a new Church term and process, Anathema.

    No you can’t cover up Church wrongdoings for lots of reasons including the fact that coverups erode trust and faith. The Church is still learning that lesson today. Those who were doing the covering up were sometimes high up in the food chain or hierarchy of the Church.

    The soul was long gone out of the body of the Pope who was dug up twice. It was just the shell of the body that got desecrated. I feel like a freaking saint next to these false popes. I agree with you guys that the Holy Spirit will protect our Church despite the sins of the very human fallible priests who are apostates within. Good analogy.

    Fr. Rich you were buying time before the inquisition, I agree with the Ryans. Yes, we do salute the office not the person and this is an analogy for today. The whole show is an analogy as well as to what is happening in our government. I have to hope that our system of government, or democracy, survives all the attacks. Being an eternal optimist I believe our Church will, and our government will due to the strength of righteousness. America was founded on God’s laws. Our checks and balances within the United States should not be spit upon as they are the foundation of the republic.

    On a lighter note, I looked up the number 7 in numerology since you guys are so fond of it. It is a number representing introspection, inner wisdom, perception, astuteness and analysis. It is the energy of the seeker. I think we are all seekers of the truth. Fake news lacks overall sustenance.

    God bless us everyone and America too.

    1. Andrea says:

      P.S. – correction

      Meant to say RD should know the meaning of the word begat! LOL!

  3. Stephen Pruszenski says:

    Gregory I was the best pope. Aquinas trumped them all.

  4. David Wanner says:

    Father Rich – Winters was a Colonel not a General.

  5. Charles says:

    Its interesting your “Inquisition” question. With everything going on in the world, and Pope Francis becoming ever more political… There seems to be a huge fracture in the laymen and lay women of the Catholic faith. Its not just the scandals, its the teaching of the so called velvet mafia that seem to go against what the Bible and the Church have been have been teaching for generations. Not to mention the hypocrisy, or perceived hypocrisy of the upper echelons of the Church. So the fracture is, there are those who are loyal to the Catholic Church, but feel the management is very much in human error.

    And they are torn because; yes they support and respect the office, but they fear the damage that is being done to the church, and now the Church is trying to push the ideology that is causing the damage the political systems around the world. All in the name of God.

  6. Darylle Padasas says:

    It’s a great eye opener that all in the clergy are saints. That they are only humans and they are bound to be tempted by Satan.

  7. James Riffel says:

    Did you notice that as you said “The gates of hell will not prevail against the Catholic church” the Jesus bobble head (and none of the others?) started nodding his head, yes yes yes yes?

    1. PC says:

      Yes i saw that too! Quite interesting, I thought it was just me seeing the Jesus bobble head.

      It is of great humility for us Catholics to acknowledge our ‘dirt’ that happened through the years. The Enemy precisely loves to target Christ’s Church, especially the consecrated ones, to do much damage. It reminds me how they badly need our prayers… even for those who have fallen scandalously into sin.

  8. Diane Whitsel says:

    Love the show … love the humor

  9. Maria Allegretto says:

    As a new seeker to the Catholic religion on my faith journey, this show is demystifying and destigmatizing all the things that Satan kept in my heart as stumbling blocks. The more I keep asking God, “Are you sure I’m supposed to be going down this road??” He keeps saying, “Yes, daughter, I am sure.” Your podcasts are part of that process of peeling away reservations and my personal enlightenment. Thank you so much.

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