The Best Way To Read The Entire Bible?

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys discuss methods of reading The Bible, where and how you should start, and if there is a “best” way to do it.

Episode 167:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• What order should you read The Bible in?
• How long should it take you to read The Bible?
• What version of The Bible is for you?
• Why The Bible IS NOT a “book”
• and much more


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Show Notes:
The Bible In A Year Podcast – Fr. Mike Schmitz
How To Easily Read The Whole Bible – Brandon Vogt
NSTI Bible In A Year Plan – Dr. Taylor Marshall
Read The Bible AND The Catechism In A Year
Printable Bible In A Year Plan

4 comments on The Best Way To Read The Entire Bible?

  1. Andrea Landry says:

    Hi guys – Happy, Healthy New Year to you and yours!
    Interesting Hercule Poirot mustache Mr. Scheel!

    This is a good episode as it is a big question out there. I still haven’t finished reading it, not even the New Testament. It was good to learn that I approach its reading in the correct spiritual sense(s). It is literal and allegorical.
    I wrote my first book, Thoughts on God, starting with Genesis but I went back and forth between the Old Covenant and New Covenant. My small spiritual awakening book was a thank you to God for rescuing my soul and my mind during a horrific period in my life.
    My second book is going to get published too but it is a different genre. It is a book of short stories that should be available to read about 9 months from now. I just signed my contract and mailed it.
    I haven’t been reading my Bible lately, or even much at all during the past year, as I do need to have a reading plan established before I pick it back up. I no longer want to randomly select books. I want to start by finishing up reading the New Testament as Fr. Rich and RS recommend. I think I will re-read it in its entirety from the beginning to end.
    It IS the living word of God! It is relevant to the day always and the people within come back to life because they are speaking God’s words.
    How I read the Old Testament will be a different approach and I think I will check out what Fr. Schmitz recommends. I really don’t want to go back and forth with selections any longer. There are some books within the Old that I probably will never get to. Especially the ‘book of begats’. Psalms and Proverbs are two of my OT favorites too RD! Words of wisdom and poetical beauty that resonate today thousands of years later. Luke, the Acts and Revelations are my NT favorites.
    Thank you so much for this podcast!

  2. Kate Sechrist says:

    I have started my journey through reading the Bible. I was a theology major and have my degree in psychology and theology. I did not have training as much in scripture other than two classes so this is an exciting journey for me to have. I am looking froward to seeing new insights I have now that I have been out of college for over two years. The part of the Bible that has always interested me is Revelation. It would be awesome to do a show on that. Also as someone who integrates psychology and theology together as a therapist in a prison- I would love an episode on where to find help in the Bible such as different passages that could be comforting.

    I love your show! Talking about these topics while having fun doing it while pulling from real life experience is what is needed!

  3. Mary says:

    Hello. Would you please remind me which Bible version you referred to as your favorite Bible for reading daily? I would appreciate it. Thank you!

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