The Hidden Meanings Of Catholic Sacred Vessels

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys explain all of the items that are on the altar and used during The Catholic Mass.

Episode 155:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• Are the items made of pure gold?
• Why are there relics of saints on every altar?
• What is a Ciborium?
• How are these items cleaned?
• How a sacrarium works
• and much more


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9 comments on The Hidden Meanings Of Catholic Sacred Vessels

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    Thank you for sharing this information with your patrons/patreons as most of us would never know about these vessels in the course of our lifetime. It was nice having names put to them and since girls are not altar servers I never had a chance to be around them at Mass.

    Why aren’t there any female servers is a good question?

    Fr. Rich it shows how much you love your vocation and we appreciate it and thank you.

    1. francis kevin curtain says:

      In Melbourne, Australia, at Our Lady of the Nativity Aberfeldie in 1990’s and 2000’s both my daughters, Cait and Louise, were altar servers- a common occurrence in the archdiocese.

  2. Anthony Cassandra says:

    Great show, is our clock broke?

    1. It is… I think we are Stuck Pius VII:XLV

    2. Laura Foster says:

      Can you please address some of the issues that have been happening with the Church such as more sexual abuse cases in France and the lack of apology from the Pope to indigenous people’s in Canada for the murder of children in the residential schools. I came into the Catholic faith a few years ago and these issues which I thought the church had made amends for continues And there seems to be a lack of responsibility by hiding it or not giving the apology which is well needed.

  3. Michaela Maite says:

    Thank you always for The Great Gift you give by telling us all The Sacred Details of The Holy Instruments used in Mass.
    I was allowed to Ring The Chimes in Morning Daily Mass… and I will not ever stop being grateful for this Great Honor
    Thank you again !!!

  4. Diane Leif says:

    Great show! Every Catholic needs to know this! When I taught religious education, I had 2nd graders. My objective was to prepare for First Confession & First Eucharist. I asked the parish priest if there were old vessels I could use in class. Graciously, Fr. Barry loaned me a chalice, ciborium, pyx, corporal & purificator. Having those sacred items really helped the kids learn usage & reverence. When a new priest came to the parish, he wanted the worn vessels replated as they were beautiful. The chalice was very similar to the one you showed. It was at that time my parents died, I offered to pay for the replating of those vessels in their honor. I love knowing those vessels have returned to being used on the altar for the entire church body. Again, great show!

  5. Donna Beedy says:

    OMG thanks guys again learned a lot, great pod cast

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