The Meaning of Numbers In The Bible

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys explore the usage of symbolic numbers in The Bible and what they mean.

Episode 174:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• How are numbers used as secret codes?
• Why do some numbers seem to appear often?
• What do specific numbers mean in scripture?
• and much more


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5 comments on The Meaning of Numbers In The Bible

  1. Andrea says:

    HI guys,
    You missed pretty much all the instances of the number 3 in the New Testament. I mentioned quite a few in a chapter of my book Thoughts on God. I have to say numbers in the Bible have always interested me because of their repetition and because of their representations in scripture. Was there a divine reason behind their appearance? It is interesting that Hebrew and Greek alphabet have assigned numbers.

    Thank you for your usual good weekly podcast!

    1. Mary Godwin says:

      Anthony , it would be nice to see you look towers the two others because you have a lot to say but you seam to look away from the group..
      Lovely program.👍👍👍🙏😁

  2. Jim Moore says:

    Hmmmm. 153 fish. Could it be that John used that number because that’s how many fish they caught? : )

    Can’t you see John having Peter years later? “153 fish we caught! Not 152, not 154. 153 on the nose!”

    Off-topic: Who’s Strat is that in back?


  3. Emmanuel Ekuma (Nigeria) says:

    Anthony seem to be so distracted. What’s he starring at? That’s why he’s got to be prompted before he speaks. All in all, I LOVE you guys. God bless your efforts.

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