The Meaning of The Book of Revelation With Jimmy Akin

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Catholic Answers Apologist Jimmy Akin to discuss The Book of Revelation, how to interpret it, and what most people get wrong about it.

Episode 208:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• How to read The Book of Revelation
• What do the symbols of Revelation mean?
• Who is the Beast?
• Have the prophecies already been fulfilled?
• and much more


Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World Podcast
Jimmy Akin on Catholic Answers


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3 comments on The Meaning of The Book of Revelation With Jimmy Akin

  1. Michael Mancini says:

    Along with the spelling of Nero’s name in Hebrew and Aramaic = 666 or 616, there is also the first six letters of the Roman (Latin) alphabet that are used to represent numbers: I-V-X-L-C-D. And when they are written from right to left (as the Hebrew language is written), it’d be: DCLXVI… which is 500+100+50+10+5+1… which reads… 666. Again, representing the Roman Empire.

  2. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    Thank you for another excellent show idea. Where is it written that John the Elder even existed? It is interesting that there is a controversy about this within the Church. John the apostle has witnesses to his existence but John the Elder appears to be a shadow figure as far as I am concerned. Almost invented by those who believe John the Apostle to be an ignorant person but who is to say he was not literate. That is an assumption based upon his occupation which was necessary for survival.

    All Roman emperors except for Constantine persecuted the Christians and especially the apostles. You don’t have to invent a learned John the Elder and place him in the shoes of John the fisherman as far as writing Revelations and under Neronian persecution. John the apostle could very well had written Revelations while an old man banished to Pathos for a lifetime of preaching and conversion. I would need more evidence of this John the Elder to believe. What I heard during this show just raised the question of proof of his existence or a witness to this witness.

    In the very first part of Revelations it outlines what is going to happen soon but that time is relative as far as God’s eternal time. Jimmy Akin is so bright and knowledgeable. Thank you for having him on your show. The end of the world could happen at any time and to be prepared is the warning of Christ. Revelation, according to Jimmy, has imagery very much from the Old Testament scripture or the primary source of symbolism.

    John is directed to write messages to seven churches in Asia. While doing this John has his vision of angels and the throne of God. A God, angel leaders, human leaders or Elders, and humans structure. God the Father is holding a scroll written on both sides and there are seven seals. Only Jesus is able to remove the seals on this message which is probably of judgement.

    Jimmy declares that God has decreed judgement on the world. Ryan Scheel would like to know who is the beast from the sea? In the bible, seven heads or seven hills means the Roman Empire or Rome. The ancient world had an alphabet that doubled as numbers. The beast appears to be linked to the first century Roman emperors whose names added to 666. The beast from the sea seems to be Nero. The mark of the lamb and the mark of the beast are symbols. Protection against the beast was provided to ‘144’ lambs.

    John wrote Revelations in symbols similar as to how Jesus wrote in parables says Jimmy. Jesus taught in a somewhat obscure manner which makes us think about His lessons. If Revelations wasn’t wrestled with as it is then it would be just a list of predictions. Predictions that applied to the Roman Empire at the time but the segue to wars in our world and Revelation predictions can be made.

    Jimmy Akin is awesome but his beard is scraggly. At least the guys of CTS have neat ones. However, I personally prefer clean-shaven as I rather see the whole face.

    Thank you guys for a great episode and looking forward to more Jimmy Akin appearances.

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