10 Things You Didn’t Know About Guardian Angels

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys discuss what the Catholic Church teaches about Guardian Angels

Episode 101:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• What are Guardian Angels?
• When does your angel get assigned to you?
• What happens to your angel when you die?
• Should you name your Guardian Angel
• Did Jesus have a guardian angel?
• Are Guardian angels in the Bible?
• and much more

38 comments on 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Guardian Angels

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    I have been waiting and hoping for this very podcast. I love my guardian angel and have a relationship with him. I thank God for my angel every day and thank my angel as well for his duty done out of great love for God and love for the human he is in charge of. I believe the assignment comes from God at our birth. I believe we each get one but there is a network of working angels out there that gets tapped into during the times we need more than one angel. I tease my angel relentlessly. This is the way I show love.

    That was funny how RD accused Fr. Rich of being jealous about the large number of angels hanging out in the Dellacrosse household. I often ask mine for rent or if he does windows.

    I agree with Fr. Rich as far as naming our guardian angels. I had a very serious and dangerous time in my life that God and my guardian angel helped me with. I named mine Michael only because while I was in the middle of a hallucination and that is the name that came to mind. In this hallucination I had Jesus on the right side of me and my guardian angel on the left side of me defending my life. I kept calling my guardian angel Michael and Jesus did too. Technically I didn’t name him God did. Yet RS, as a point in your favor of the argument that we should not name our angels, I have never called him by name again since that time.

    He guides, protects, loves, teaches, carries my prayers, and will put my soul into protective custody if it is in a state of grace and take me home to God. He keeps me on my path. He has saved my life a few times and sat as navigator in my car when I was lost. Fatal accidents were avoided many times because he was my co-pilot. I firmly believe it.

    Yes, many people ignore or forget about their guardian angel. St. Thomas of Aquinas and St. Padre Pio were blessed with lifetime relationships with their angels and even saw them. I believe mine talks to me while I sleep as that is when I am the most quiet and receptive. I may have seen him or encountered him in another form at least once or twice.

    My guardian angel or God’s messenger may be disappointed with my choices or lack thereof at times but not sure if he gets sad. He is living within the glory of God’s world of eternity. I too believe there is sentiment within spiritual beings, Fr. Rich, as the angels either love God or hate Him as in the fallen angels. Satan brought death into our world and feels nothing but hatred and jealousy for mankind who has been blessed by God’s divine love.

    The angels surround God so they surround Jesus. I agree with RD about angels ministering to Jesus. Guardians or otherwise. I think He would have allowed Himself to be assigned a guardian angel and that is a good point RS that St. Michael the archangel was most likely assigned to Jesus.

    What happens to my guardian angel when I die and end up in Purgatory was a question I had. Would my angel still be assigned to me was my concern. No offense RS but everyone pretty much is destined for Purgatory so there are a lot of angels working on OT in Purgatory. Guardian angels return to Heaven if their charge ends up in hell. The will of God has been done as RS states. I don’t think angels are re-assigned either whether according to scripture or not. Give them a break! Remember they are with us 24/7 through our worst times and even worse moods.

    The laws of physics apply to our physical world but I believe in the portal between our time and eternal time. The angels are living in eternal time which means they are able to ‘pop in and out’ of eternity. I say two prayers to St. Michael and a prayer to my guardian angel daily. I also do the rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy daily as we are in very tough times. I have read the summary of St. Thomas online via EWTN.

    Thanks for the good PR for guardian angels! Their service to us is absolutely amazing leaving me awestruck when I think about it all. Part of the loving wonder for us that comes from God. “Invoke your Guardian Angel who will enlighten you. God gave you your Guardian Angel for this reason. So make use of your Angel’s service.” St. Padre Pio

    “He will give his angels charge of you
    to guard you in all your ways.
    On their hands they will bear you up,
    lest you dash your foot against a stone.”
    ~ Psalms 91: 11-12

    Ah, RS, you are wrong, according to Psalms he is there to keep me from stubbing my toe physically as well as spiritually. LOL! This podcast has become my new favorite.

    Stay safe and stay healthy

    1. Ryan Scheel says:

      Touche on the toe-stubbing!

      1. Andrea says:

        HEE HEE HEE

      2. Gina says:

        Hii! Loved this podcast.

        I tend to get a sense of a specific color with my guardian angel and have on occasion referred to them as that color, but usually I say or think “Guardian Angel” as it feels more protective anyway, and accurate.

        Just a question, do you suppose that part of our angel’s job is to protect us from ourselves, on a soul level?

        Pleasure listening

        Thank you!

    2. Steve (Charlotte) says:

      Ii really appreciate much of your perspective and love of the Lord.

      Your comment that you are headed for purgatory i would like to encourage you to know that if you have placed you trust in Jesus you are not headed there.

      I would ask, Do we really believe that what Jesus did on the cross was not enough? That we have to suffer also to be right before God. Scripture does not support that. Salvation is a gift not some tee earn. Beliyand rejoice in the finished work of Jesus, not our work.🙏❤️

      1. j S says:

        Sir or ma’am, i feel that our Lord’s death on the Cross was enough for some of us, but not for all, because we are constantly being called different ways, by God or satan. Who ever we choose to follow leads us their way.

    3. Christine says:

      I was told that you can call your guardian angel by a certain name. A name that is familiar on Earth. But in heaven guardian angels do not have names. It is more of a sound, like notes.

    4. sue says:

      Y’all the internet is blowing up with priests, including exorcists, warning us NOT to name or discern the name of our guardian angel, as we can be talking to another “angel” (fallen). Sorry, Fr. Rich is probably wrong. Better safe than sorry.

  2. Angie says:

    I was at a CRHP weekend several years ago, deep into the weekend. I was in the chapel praying and Jesus wrote on my heart that my guardian angels name was Rachel. I was shocked but so happy. As the years go by I take great comfort in calling Rachel by name and don’t feel there is anything evil about it. I do have a question though…I have heard some say that our angels can’t “hear” our thoughts – they can only hear if we verbally address them – as in we would need to pray the prayer to the guardian angel out loud for them to hear it.

    1. Andrea says:

      Angie, what a wonderful gift you were given to know your angel’s name! I too have heard it said that angels cannot hear our thoughts but that we have to verbally address them out loud. Pope Francis said something once about conversing with our angels and not thinking the voice we hear is our own imagination. Also, how would they know how to love, protect, guide and teach us if they weren’t privy to our thoughts? (My own angel just gave me that insight.) How would they know what actions we were about to perform that would endanger either our soul or our being? As far as love and protection from God I think we have a trinity inside us. God, our guardian angel and ourselves.

      Some days when I pray to my guardian angel he inserts his title as ‘spiritual director’ during the prayer while I am trying to say guardian angel. I asked him once for a complete job description. LOL

  3. D says:

    I think Our Lord is sad that we reject him and heaven (free will) so I think angels are sad if we willingly say no to love & God and go to hell

  4. Linda says:

    Respectfully, Father, you are wrong about us being able or allowed to name our guardian angel. We do not have dominion over them. Michael was named by his cry against Lucifer’s sin against God, “Who is like God?!”
    Adam named all the creatures *below* him. God did not give him authority to name the angels. We name our children because we are responsible (to God and in justice) for caring for them and bringing them to God. If anything, our angels have a similar role over us. How presumptuous for mere humans to think we can put ourselves over angels! Ryan Scheel is right to warn us against what amounts to a sin of pride.

    1. Linda says:

      Having your angel’s name revealed to you as Andrea experienced is not the same as having the audacity to assign a title to your superior.

      1. Carole E. says:

        Mother Angelica said that you could ask your guardian angel what their name was and they may choose to reveal it to you. I did it and had the name revealed to me but I still don’t feel comfortable addressing my angel that way.

    2. Rebecca says:

      I think those that call their angels by name have not named them but were given the name in prayer by the Holy Spirit or their angel. There is a difference. Now if someone has a relationship with their guardian angel and genuinely asks them their name and a name comes to them then I am in no position to judge them because I don’t know the intentions of their hearts. It is Gods job to judge such things. Only He knows our hearts. However , if you in your own heart believe it is wrong then you should not do so but if you did that would also be between you and God. God bless.

  5. Fr. Ripperger (the world’s leading exorcist) agrrees you should NEVER try and know your guardian angels names. You are inviting demons. None of us are above being fooled by demons… even St. Faustina was tricked by the devil to destroy her 1st diary. Just fyi! 🙂

    1. Laura Ruth says:

      Yes, Fr. Ripperger is VERY adamant that we do not name our guardian angel. He has seen demons and says that each of us are unfortunately given an fallen angel from Satan as well to try and persuade us to do wrong. Check everything against the spirit concerning your guardian angel, less you be fooled by a fallen angel.

  6. Robert Protano says:

    I believe in my Guardian Angel and call out and Bless my Guardian Angel throughout the day, especially before prayer. My question for you is this (this question has troubled me for years).
    When I was 4 years old I was saved from death. I had an accident and surely would have died if I was not pulled away. I felt a force grab at me and pull me to safety, there was no other person there. While I am so grateful for this, it also troubles me because I wonder why other children die sometimes so horribly especially in accidents. Who chooses who gets saved? This has weighed heavily on my heart and I ask Jesus to please enlighten me. I feel hurt when I hear of a child dying, especially in horrible ways. Any insight on this?

    1. Andrea says:

      I am so sorry that you have a heavy heart on being saved by your angel. I wish I knew how to take your burden from you. I can share one of my own saves from my angel. Maybe a shared story may help on some level.

      There are many babies and children who get saved and many who pass on even after just a few short hours of life. I have no answers other than thy will be done. Eternal life is the life most precious to God.

      One summer in St. Martin’s I almost drowned in a rip tide. I had no fear of the water, but I had swum far out and couldn’t get back to shore. I panicked twice and went right under both times. No-one could see me from the shore. There were no boats in the water. I then asked God to help me and I began to feel calm enough to think my way out of the situation. The third time was the charm as the expression goes. My angel was swimming with me the whole time as I never felt alone.

    1. Andrea says:

      Linda, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful video of Fr. Alar’s discourse on angels including our guardian angels. It was so informative and reinforced everything I have been learning about angels.

  7. Barb C says:

    Hi I agree with Ryan S. We should not name our guardian angels. According to Fr. Ripperger, he has a talk on guardian angels, in which he speaks that it is not up to us to name our angel. But we should pray and thank them for their protection every day.

  8. I have to agree with Dellecrosse, I read on Church Pop that naming our guardian angel can be an invitation to demonic influence. You can read about it here https://churchpop.com/2018/10/02/how-naming-your-guardian-angel-can-be-an-invitation-for-demonic-influence/ it is explained why we shouldn’t name our guardian angels. It was a very interesting article. You guys should read it. Thanks! God bless you all.

    1. Andrea says:

      Thanks for the link and that was a good article. Linda above has a link to a YouTube seminar by a Fr. Chris Alar that is extremely informative too and it reinforces this podcast. It is 58 minutes long but worth it.

      I like your logo about how ‘someone should write a book where the main character falls in love with the reader.” Very clever plot!

  9. Ooops sorry I put the wrong Ryan, I meant to say I agree with Ryan Scheel.

  10. Teresa Duron Rosado says:

    Names change over the centuries and their names were given by God from the beginning of their creation so pronouncing “old names” or ancient names that are not English is complicated. Everyone assumes that the name of their angel will be something like “Dave” or “Ed” but I doubt the angel’s name is not that simple, to benefit us.

  11. DIANNE says:

    This podcast title was very interesting to me. I wanted to know who got two Guardian Angels. But as I watch it you have alarmed me greatly. YOU NEVER TRY TO KNOW YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL’S NAME. This is an important rule. There is a good reason for this rule. If you attempt to learn the name, you open up yourself to be deceived by the devil and Satan will sneak in a FAKE NAME of a demon for you to call. Then in your foolish arrogance, you start to call your ‘GUARDIAN ANGEL’ and find you are calling the name of a demon to influence your life and jeopardize your soul. Satan can fool anyone, usually through pride and arrogance. It is through arrogance you would be seeking the name (for control) of your Angel and Satan, recognizing that will fool you and trick you into Sin. I like this priest but he is really, really, really wrong to guide you into seeking the name of your Guardian Angel.

  12. Donna Siracusa says:

    When people have outer body experiences, who does the Guardian Angel go with; the spirit or stays back with the body to make sure other spirits do not enter you?

  13. margaret says:

    I agree with RS that we shouldn’ t name our guardian angel. We will unconsciously see ourselves as an equal with the angel, and we may treat him accordingly. We don’t want to tempt demons to guide our actions. Only God should give him a name. I don’t think Jesus would have had a guardian angel. He never inclined to do wrong, and he never succumbed to temptations. He didn’t need a guide to get to God. He was also God. Thank you RS for saying that our guardian Angel can talk with other guardian angels. I was asking this question as I was watching, for i need to ask my angel to speak to the angels of a few close people I know. Great show! Thank you.

  14. Jennifer S says:

    Regarding the question “Does our Guardian Angel get sad when we succumb to sin?”; since Satan is directly involved when we sin, perhaps our Guardian Angel becomes “frustrated” when Satan’s influence wins but not necessarily with us, the sinner.

  15. Carrie says:

    Could you post the prayer to your children’s guardian angel that you talked about? Or send a link?
    Thank you

  16. Ann says:

    3 Beautiful Prayers to the our Guardian Angels: https://bit.ly/35g60y5

  17. Ann says:

    If for a good reason, you are unable to attend Mass, you can send your Guardian Angel to attend Mass on your behalf and enable you get the grace. The Church has always had a prayer for that: https://bit.ly/3m59sS6

  18. Rosa says:

    I want to know about my guanden angel want her name or him name

  19. Rosa says:

    I want know about my guanden angel name it him or she name

  20. David Schutten says:

    Gentlemen, thank you for your segment on angels.

    I was an advertising writer who became a late life Christian thanks to the woman I eventually married. After two boys and a wonderful 33 years, she died. I quit my business and went to assist at a Christian children’s home she helped to found in the Himalayan foothills of Northeastern India.

    We have a little chapel at the home and an itinerant pastor leads our family’s church service on Sundays. He is dedicated to bringing the Gospel to Hindu and Muslim villages around our home. At times, he has been beaten by village men attempting to stop his ministry.

    One day, after visiting a remote village in the jungle with his brother and his aunt, a group of men picked up clubs and decided to catch him on the path through the jungle to his motorcycle and kill him. After the service, the pastor and his family left the village and headed back to their motorbike. The men appeared on the road and charged the pastor. His aunt shrieked, his brother, I believe, began looking around for a rock or something to defend his brother with. But the village men suddenly stopped.

    Standing on each side of the pastor were “two tall men in white robes holding long swords that were glowing red”. The villagers dropped their clubs and ran. The brother and aunt were terrified, too.
    The intended victims watched as their attackers disappeared back into the forest. When the aunt and brother turned back to the pastor, the men in white were gone.

    Word got around and the attacks on the pastor stopped for a few years.
    Later, one of the attackers became a Christian and told the pastor of the plan to murder him. (I believe he was asking for his forgiveness.)

    I was told this story by the pastor in his village hut. One of the boys from the home interpreted. I was amazed but wondered how much was exaggeration.
    As I listened to the story, there was a woman sitting next to me nodding in agitation. It was the pastor’s aunt. I could tell that this woman had seen something.

    Most Americans, like me, are interested in strange stories of the supernatural but don’t believe them because it’s the 21st Century and we’ve been taught that angels, demons and actual spiritual encounters are the result of ignorance, hysterics and superstition. That works in Satan’s favor so not a lot happens with western reporters present. Most of the rest of the world doesn’t have that problem. They know there are demons so Satan doesn’t bother to hide.
    His tactic with them is to keep them confused and believing that amulets and totems will ward off his spirits. Anything to keep them from learning the Truth.

    I’ve told the story many times but have never written it down. When I heard at the beginning of your show, “…and why some people have two guardian angels…” I stopped what I was doing to watch.
    Even if no one reads this, I felt led to finally write it.
    God bless your ministry.

    1. Andrea says:

      Thank you so much for a wonderful story and I am so glad you shared it with us all. I have no doubt that his Guardian Angels appeared in order to save his life. I believe in God and I believe in angels. I don’t think I have ever seen my Guardian Angel but know he has been there to save my life a few times.

      God bless us all and thank you again,

    2. Andrea says:

      Thank you too for your contribution to the community of God. You are a good man.

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