How To Have Your House Blessed By A Priest

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys talk about why all Catholic families should have their homes blessed by a priest.

Episode 218:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• Why Are House Blessings Performed?
• How To Ask To Have Your House Blessed
• When Can You Get Your House Blessed?
• Does It Cost Money To Have Your House Blessed?
• and much more


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2 comments on How To Have Your House Blessed By A Priest

  1. Lena Trevino says:

    I bless my iwn hiuse. We live in a small church town full of catholics. We love our Catholic faith n family. We just completed 52 yrs of Catholic marriage. Amen we are truly blessed. My husband a. KC for forty years. I was EM and.Lector. and taught. CCD. We have several god children also so blessed. Now we. Seniors. We stay home and help our son with his kids as needed. Amen. We want to go to Heaven. We love. Jesus. Mother mary so much. Include us in yiur daiky prayers. Joe and. Lena. Trevino. 1810 mcdowell. St. Jourdanton Tx 78026. Write us when u have time. Cakenders accepted. Ha. I love a coffee mug. I send donation? How much please tell us? Lena.

  2. Edda Murtha says:

    Love the idea behind CATHOLIC TALK SHOW ‼️ I want it to be Very Successful. May I offer a suggestion ? Consider this please : there is a style difference between chatter among friends + broadcasting to an audience. And ~~ it’s an art to properly mingle both. In Friendly Banter we employ multiple uses of “You Knows” + “Ums” + cut off sentences. However, to a non participating audience this can become a stumbling block ~~~ it can feel like a car ride when the brakes are too frequently applied. Start-Stop-Sentences obscures the meaning of what’ you are saying. It sometime requires patience. I’m sure you will find a way to blend these 2 styles ~~~ And ~~~ it will enhance the broadcast + elevate your message. Thx for listening to a nagging~type old gal here. 😚 Bless you + all involved in this wonderful project ‼️

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