The Most Controversial Catholic Teachings

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, Ryan & Ryan discuss some of the hardest Catholic teachings that society, protestants, and even some Catholics reject.

Episode 271:

In this episode, we will discuss:
• Is Baptism Necessary?
• Do Non-Catholics Go To Hell?
• Is Contraception Actually Wrong?
• Why Can’t Women Be Priests?
• and much more


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One comment on “The Most Controversial Catholic Teachings

  1. Siobhan Wright says:

    Good morning,

    Recently my husband and I had an interesting discussion. He stated that it was not required that we apologize to someone we sinned against. His thoughts are that we must go to confession; confess the sin, be contrite and do penance. But no apology to the person is required. I believe we are required to the best of our ability to make right the wrong including an apology.

    On a related subject if God does not forgive us untill we ask for forgiveness are we required to forgive those who do not ask for forgiveness. Are we held to a higher standard than God?

    These questions would make for a great episode!

    God bless, Siobhan

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