Why Every Catholic Should Pray The Stations Of The Cross

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Jordan Watwood from Ave Rosary to discuss the Via Crucis or Stations of The Cross, and why every Catholic should practice this devotion.

Episode 180:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• How do you pray The Stations?
• How far did Jesus carry His Cross?
• How many stations are there?
• How did this tradition develop?
• and much more


• Stations of The Cross Chaplet From Ave Rosary

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• Men’s Catholic Outdoor Expeditions

• Women’s Catholic Outdoor Expeditions

3 comments on Why Every Catholic Should Pray The Stations Of The Cross

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys and Jordan Watwood,

    Ryan D – yes a form of torture is the devil, the Great Liar, bombarding us daily with his heinous thoughts and deeds. I say the rosary a couple of times per day and am in the Keith Nester 24/7 rosary prayer room as one of its moderators. The devil has been attacking me relentlessly since I have been adding to my daily spiritual life. He wants me to deny Jesus and drop out of the rosary crew. He also wants me to dislike you three guys and get out and away from the Catholic Talk Show as well. He is out to break all these spiritual connections which are so important to my wellbeing. He is out to get me. He values each soul he gets as much as Jesus does except, of course, he is accumulating them for evil purposes and not good.

    I went to 12 years of Catholic school and we did the stations every Friday during Lent and especially, of course, on Good Friday. Keith Nester is going to do a video on the stations and I think he is working on that video and others right now.

    This was another excellent podcast offering and it is always nice to see Jordan Watwood. He seems like a man comfortable in his own spiritual skin.

    1. Marc Larocque says:

      Thank you gentlemen great show God bless us all

  2. Roberta Flannery says:

    I just ordered a Stations Chaplet. Only 5 left. Fantastic show as always. Looking forward to discussing tomorrow. God bless you!

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