What To Do When Family Members Leave The Faith

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the buys are joined by Brandon Vogt to discuss what to do and say when a loved one leaves the faith.

Episode 239:

In this episode, we will discuss:
• Why do people leave The Church?
• Where do people go to when they leave?
• What NOT to do when someone leaves
• and much more


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9 comments on What To Do When Family Members Leave The Faith

  1. I was so grateful to your topic today I have been heartbroken that one of my granddaughters has left the church and I will definitely get the book. Thank you and God Bless, I love your show it has helped me understand so much more about the church 🙏

  2. EJ says:

    Thanks, guys! What a great episode. This spoke to me so much.

    I wandered away from the Church and my mother prayed her heart out for me to find my way back. I fell so deep into sin, but God has called me out of the darkness. Fr Rich’s mention of St. Augustine’s prayer reminded me of a song based on it (it’s in Filipino) I listened to it immediately and fell weeping.

    Please pray for me.

  3. Pear says:

    Why are all those stupid, cheap figures on the table,? How can I take you folks serious with rubbish like that ?

    1. Don’t be petty! am disappointed that you, Ryan Sheel are pro choice I am pro-life this is a mother killing her own child when she chooses abortion and I believe it’s a mortal sin! Unless there are certain things like rape or incest, etc. I know someone who’s had 4 abortions and some women use it as birth control. I bet God will not be forgiving of people who do this “Though shalt not kill” it doesn’t just mean people who have been born! I will pray for you Ryan S!

  4. Hi,
    I am so happy to receive this book. I worry about all my relatives that no longer practive their faith. 🙁 Brandon, your insights are encouraging to me.

    When I fill out form below, what email address and password do I need to put on the form below?
    What do I put down for “Website”? I wasn’t sure so I put down The Catholic Talk Show. Is there a place to pay the $6.95?
    Thank you,

  5. Joan C Reinbott says:

    Another lively and informative discussion! I’m glad I found Catholic Talk recently. Keep up the good work.

  6. I’m trying to get the book but it keeps telling me it’s for new members only but it doesn’t allow me to become a new member. Do they mean to the Talk Show cause I’ve been a member to that for a while now. Help! Where else can I get it I’m desperate I really need it! God Bless! I have some good imput as to why many people are leaving my granddaughter being one of them. Please help 🙏

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