Why Are So Many People Sad & Depressed?

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by author Paul George to discuss why so many in our society are so deeply unhappy and how to find true happiness.

In this episode, you will learn:
• What is causing so many people to be unhappy?
• What effect does social media have on unhappiness?
• Does having religion make you happier?
• The 6 things saints say you must do to be happy
• and much more

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3 comments on Why Are So Many People Sad & Depressed?

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    Excellent topic and Paul George makes sense. His book sounds totally interesting and definitely one you want to add to your library. He made some excellent contributory points to your podcast. Good choice of a guest.

    Jesus discovered for Himself how lonely the human experience is because no-one else can live it but yourself. He sought out his three closest friends, the number three is always divinely significant especially in the New Testament, during his agony in the Garden and each time they were asleep. They could offer Him no comfort in His decision to be crucified. Those moments alone mirrored what happens when we each realize others can only help us as far as their own limitations.

    I am not connected to social media outlets like FB or Twitter or anything else although I have to sell my books and re-think this position. I am currently writing a book on short stories that may get accepted for publishing and out there the end of 2020. It is all about nostalgia. They are coming of age stories about my childhood. Another thank you note but this time to God and my loving family who I was blessed with. I am online writing daily, my writing a gift that God gave me as far as being able to express myself to others, entertain others, or enlighten others. Then I do email to connect with my friends I don’t see often enough. That, so far, is the extent of my Internet connections. In order to become a self-promoting author I will have to re-group and re-think my position or come up with another viable alternative or option to get people to read my first book.

    My first published book, Thoughts on God, was a thank you note to God because of His help to me when I was in despair. I thought He wasn’t there, I even thought my Guardian Angel had abandoned me and they both showed me they were there. They are there always. I think my Guardian Angel needs combat pay.

    Thinking of God is praying and when I think of God I feel inner joy and peace so obviously in order to keep these feelings I try to think of God during a great deal of my waking hours. I had my own personal epiphany from God showing me how disconnected I truly was from Him or better yet, how I fell off my path to God. Conversion or re-think as Paul George would say. God makes me happy. I make myself happy because I am blessed and surrounded by a lot of people I love who love me back and I know this and appreciate it most of the time.

    As you mentioned in the beginning of your podcast it is a very toxic and divisive environment we are living in right now. I thank God for my gifts and blessings every day to try to keep focused.

    You touched on medical health disorders and let me warn you that is an area that is not within your expertise or knowledge. Don’t ever be glib about it or dismissing. Don’t just think they are people knowingly separated from God. There are neurotransmitter problems, chemical imbalances, conditions like schizophrenia, dementia, and so on. Hundreds of conditions that you are unfamiliar with as well as I. I often wonder how those who are so lost inside can find God because of their total unawareness of their reality. I think one of the worst things that can happen to anyone is not to know God because of a mental health disorder. God will never lose them but they are unable to know this. Or maybe despite the seriousness of their mental health condition they still hold onto knowing God. I hope so and they deserve our prayers to give them strength and hope.

    I try to totally surrender to God always and haven’t reached that point. It is like a fear of falling off a precipice despite knowing that God will catch me in my free fall. The ultimate leap of faith as they say. I know once I do God will give me a mission. I think often how I don’t have the courage of my convictions. The joy and happiness we experience from life ebbs and flows but God is steady or sturdy in His love. We all have to keep realizing it is always there for us.

    Thinking of God makes me think of each of my blessings and they are all the people who make up my life now and made up my life then. They are all the people who passed through my life and made an impact. I hope I made a good impact on them as well. I do have regrets on how I treated some roughly or maybe even cruelly, but I hope that mostly I did my part in making their life easier or happy for a time. They are the people God placed into my life even for a transitory period. There was a purpose as to why they were there at that point in time in their lives and mine.

    Interesting that detachment from some people worked out for mutual good as you mentioned in your podcast.

    Thank you RS for the happiness tips. Live for God alone, remove your sins from God. Be of service. Be careful in your associations. Spend carefully. Be humble and never praise yourself. Carry your cross and take it as it comes. The sixth happiness tip from St. John Bosco is the toughest.

    This was one of your better podcasts and RS was almost mellow. There are times he comes off as an angry man. I read a lot of comments on your podcast last week and understood how some viewers found you to be elite or intolerant at least in your attitude RS despite the fact you pointed out distractions from God during Mass that really shouldn’t happen. As far as improving some priest’s deliverance of their homily – good luck with that! I try to think that even their rambling off point means something.

    Your podcasts are on my structured schedule of online activity every Tuesday morning. Thank you for them.

    God bless us all.

  2. How do I come home? Broken spirit, broken soul.

    1. Andrea says:

      You are never closer to God than when you pray.

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