Why Don’t Men Go To Church?

In this episode of the The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by John Edwards to discuss why men aren’t going to Church.

Episode 231:

In this episode, we will discuss:
• Has Christianity Been “Feminized”?
• How The Church Is Collapsing Without Men
• Why Do Men Dislike Going To Church?
• What Will Get Men Back To Church?
• and much more


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3 comments on Why Don’t Men Go To Church?

  1. Walter Marcotte says:

    Father Rich,

    My Council here in Port Orchard, WA helps to support 4 Seminarians of which one is receiving his Priestly Ordination in June. We, as a council and Parish want to provide him with Chasuble and Stole. Is this an appropriate gift upon his ordination? Ordering thru Knights Gear has it coming with the Emblem of the Order.

    The Council approved the purchase at our last Council Meeting on Tuesday and since I am the Financial Secretary, I am going forward with ordering from Knights Gear.

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