8 Black Catholics Everyone Should Know

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by seminarian Justin Farr from BlackCatholic to explore 8 holy Black Catholics everyone should know about.

Episode 124:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• The amazing story of the first Black American priest
• The former slave known as the “Angel of Charity”
• How black Catholics overcame racism in America
• Who is the patron saint of mixed-race people?
• and much more

Show Notes
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9 comments on 8 Black Catholics Everyone Should Know

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    Interesting and timely podcast for Black History month. Fr Tolton was lucky he was able to attend a seminary. He was one determined Catholic with a vocation from God. I never really thought of it before but, of course, there had to be a first Black priest.

    People are people and there are different races but we all live on the same planet and need to get along with each other and realize this basic unchangeable fact. Racism begins at home. Racism is illogical. Racism is a crime of hate. I couldn’t believe the giant step backward we took under Trump yet the majority of Americans spoke out against his innate bigotry and his divisiveness. Thank God. America is a diverse country. There are Blacks within a majority of families, communities and social networks. God doesn’t see colors he only sees souls.

    I hadn’t heard about any of these heroes before and enjoyed learning about them all. Amazing people. I think it is so important that February is Black History month. I like to think I would have spoken out against slavery if I had lived during those times. But, who knows if I would have had the courage and integrity to despite the love of my fellow man.

    Thank you guys for another learning experience, and take care,

    1. Audrey Self-Olenzek says:

      I agree that “loving your neighbor” begins at home in the “Domestic Church.” My parents “integrated” a black neighborhood back in the 60’s because they wanted to live what they believed. We fully “assimilated” into the community and those were some of the best years of my life. We continue to embrace integration by living in a city that has every kind of nationality living in it. Our daughters have enjoyed friendships with African American children as well as children from Pakistan, Iraq, Philippines, China, Romania, France, India. However,
      I must DISAGREE with with your view of Trump being a racist as he was the ONLY POTUS who stood up to Planned Parenthood and cut their funding. Their foundress, Margaret Sanger, was a known RACIST and EUGENICIST. It was her DREAM to get black pastors to convince their communities to embrace abortion as the answer to poverty, as if babies are the reason for poverty. Unfortunately her “dream” has been realized. PP targets blacks and other minorities by building their abortion mills in their communities. The black women living in those areas see PP as a good thing to have nearby. In NYC there are more black babies who are aborted than are born. Abortion is the number one cause of death in the black population! Please check out MAAFA 21 than covers this in more detail. Trump also gave funding to Historical Black Colleges for ten years so they wouldn’t have to keep coming back every year and could focus on education. Obama didn’t do that! Trump also established “Opportunity Zones” to benefit black entrepreneurs in cities. These were just some of the positives of his term in office that were censored by the secular media.
      That being said, we as Catholics in this nation have A LOT of work to do in embracing our FAITH and learning the TRUTH & BEAUTY of our ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC CHURCH.

      1. Cece Mordi says:

        Trump was a racist, PERIOD. He was pro-life in name only, as he used that platform as a way to appeal to republicans. His last few days in office he went on a killing spree, pushing forward with the death penalty for many inmates on death row, which has a history of disproportionately affecting black men. He does not have Catholic values and when people like you try to claim that he does, while ignoring his grossly ignorant and racist rhetoric throughout his presidency, it makes Catholics that much less credible when we claim to be pro-life. Dont @ me because I won’t bother responding, as I’ve said my piece. Have a nice day

  2. Audrey Self-Olenzek says:

    Thank you for this timely show. I will definitely follow Justin! I think it is so important to KNOW the FAITH and the great history of the Catholic Church. The Saints are so unknown by Catholics! It was St. Monica who got me !!! We ALL need to read up/study the Saints to find that “Holy one” who tells our story back to us and can bring us in or deepen our Catholic Faith. I’m passing this on to my daughters and African American friends so that they can know about these amazing brothers and sisters in Christ who REALLY lived the FAITH! GOD BLESS!!!

  3. Kelly A Kirk says:

    So informative…loved this.

  4. Kelly A Kirk says:

    So informative. Love learning about all saints!

  5. Gloria M Sweeting says:

    I learn something new everyday! Thank you Justin Farr for answering your call. I’ll have you in my prayers. I’m already following your on FB and have checked out the websites posted. I loved this episode! Eye opener, informative and so edifying….AMEN!

  6. Michael Cummins says:

    One of my favorite episodes.

  7. Connie Green says:

    Thank you for this timely topic. Last year, during Black History month, I participated in a Novena which honored Blacks in the Catholic Church and we prayed for continued inclusion of ALL in the Holy Catholic Church. I have to be honest, this was the very first time that I learned about these black Catholics and I felt so enriched by their stories. Many of the religious people mentioned in your show I learned about during that Novena. God Bless !

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