8 Fascinating Facts About Saint Joseph

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys discuss little known facts about the foster-father of Our Lord, Saint Joseph. You’ll learn how Saint Joseph met the Virgin Mary, why he is known as the Terror of Demons, the end-times prophecy of how his body will be discovered, and much more!

In this episode you’ll learn:

• How did Saint Joseph Meet Mary?
• Was Saint Joseph and old-widower or a young virgin?
• Why are no words of Saint Joseph recorded in the Bible?
• Where is Saint Joseph buried, or was he assumed into Heaven?
• Why are demons terrified of Saint Joseph?
• And much more!


6 comments on 8 Fascinating Facts About Saint Joseph

  1. Gilberth G. says:

    Hey just saying hi from Costa Rica, I try to hear at least two or three of you programs but week.. need to catch up!!! you really “rock” with our God topics, is very entertaining, funny and you always learned new “things”. Wish you the best, blessings.

  2. shanti says:

    i understand/bel. only St. Joseph/ mother Mary (Jesus parents) never ever tempted by evil-satan so it fears/trembles at them.

  3. James D. Blocksom Jr. says:

    I have been growing closer to St. Joseph with out being able to decern why, and this program has explained it. thank you.

  4. Greg Fierro says:

    Hello, I love your guys show but was wondering if there is a problem with your posting new shows. I have both Spotify and Google play music and don’t see the latest podcast on either. Thanks have a good one and keep doing good work.

  5. Sally M says:

    I’m in a very uncertain situation with my Land Contract. I will have paid the agreed upon dollar amount come next month however the contract was sold out from under me to another contract holder & now he’s telling me that I owe close to the ORIGINAL CONTRACT AMOUNT.
    I’m living on disability and cannot afford to keep paying him or retain a lawyer so I’ve begun prayer devotionals and buried a figurine of St. Joseph in my backyard in hopes of His interceding in my situation; not to sell the house but to retain it as my own.

  6. Dee Rey says:

    You guys should talk one day about Mary Magdalene and her connections to the scrolls found.

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