Catholic Prophecies About The End Of The World

The End Is Near! …or is it? On this episode, the guys talk about Catholic prophecies that predict the destruction of the Church and the end of times.
In this episode you’ll learn about:
  • What did Nostradamus predict about the Church?
  • Did Saint Malachy predict Pope Francis would be the last pope?
  • The end time prediction hidden in the art of a Roman church
  • What Is the TRUE 3rd Secret of Fatima?
  • and much more!

14 comments on Catholic Prophecies About The End Of The World

  1. Linda Lewandosky says:

    It’s a lance that the knights use in a joust.

  2. The silliness of your presentation at the beginning of this broadcast was a turn off. Sorry but this is not a style I find appropriate with such a serious topic, especially today with the unprecedented evil engulfing the world. I will try to come back later to give you a fair shake and see if you have words worth my time.Sorry.

  3. Dorothy Miller says:


    1. Stephanie says:

      This hits home now in 2020! Apocalyptic much…

  4. Wendy says:

    I enjoy each and every show. I learn something in every refreshing episode and I look forward to each Tuesday!!!

    1. Mark Wahlberg a catholic ? Lots o luck with that one . Give Marky mark a double tap . . . One to the head and one to the chest. ( spec war parlance ) . Yeah , everyone just loves hilarity and stupidity in the catholic rank and file led by the clown priests that drag every one to he’ll with them . . . You all won’t be laughing too loud at your own judgment s .

  5. Renee says:

    Its not the end of the world but an end to the wicked evil age that has engulfed us since 1901. Our Lady of Fatima & Akita have spoken of all these things.
    I enjoy watching your show & I am amazed that you are able to do it in Hollywood. A good show for you guys would be on Freemasons. All the masons in hollywood industry & all the freemason buildings in Hollywood. The old disney bldg which is now jimmy kimmels. Maybe. you can convince Father Greg Bramlage ( who educates on the evil & curses of the masons) MNEHEALING.ORG
    I live in Los Angeles & around all of the crazies right here. Just a thought

  6. Ok, so in all fairness, I did come back to listen to the whole broadcast. At the beginning of your broadcast (9 min. in) I would have rated you guys a 1 out of 5. After listening to your whole show, my rating comes up to 3 out of 5, (5 being great, 1 being why am I wasting my time on this). Ok so your show is coming out of the west coast (LA), which explains a lot to me as to its style/format. I am from the other side of the country, twice your age, and taught World History for over 30 years (I say this to help you to see why our styles don’t fit). But in all seriousness, our world and civilization is worse than it has ever been throughout all history. I taught about the rise and fall of all the great civilizations. When I came to Rome, I could not help but point out to my students how we in America parallel their rise and ultimate fall. However, we will not exist as long as they did due to the increased depravity that is in our world. I am not asking for the date and time of the apocalypse but I sure as heck want to discuss and hear from those in the church as to how to properly prepare for its possibility. Father, your brief discussion on this, brought the shows rating up to 3. We the sheep want more! If God isn’t planning on doing something soon He sure needs to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. We have killed more life through abortion than all the lives that were lost in all of the wars throughout history. We suffer from tolerance (tolerance of evil) more than intolerance. Many today see evil as good and good as evil. Yes this is in prophecy. Thank you for mentioning Fatima, La Salette, St. Dom Bosco and Catherine Emmerich but you forgot several other important ones. What about Our Lady of Good Success, Our Ladies words to Sr. Agnes at Akita and Our Lords prophecy to St. Faustiana, the apparition at Knock? I can mention more ( Garabandal, Our Lady of Kibeho, Our Lady to the Marian Movement of priests, Medjugorje…but I figure you will dismiss them because these apparitions have not formally been approved by the church yet. These apparitions fit the puzzle that is beginning to come together as to the end times. If you host a show that speaks for the church in any capacity make sure you know as much of the chosen topic as possible ( and yes we have had times where two popes sat on the chair of Peter, St. Catherine of Sienna is one who had to address this). We the laity in the pews, see the fighting that is going on between, priests versus priests, bishops versus bishops, cardinals verse cardinals etc ( this is in private revelations also). Many are lost because of the sexual scandal in the church. The shepherds of the church not speaking about it, is not following Jesus’ words to feed/tend His sheep. The confusion that comes out of the Vatican such as: divorce/remarried persons receiving Holy Communion, Mary standing at the foot of the cross and yelling at God the Father as to being lied to, who am I to judge, to evangelize or not to those not to those not of the true faith, kneeling and kissing the feet of pagans at Easter time when you can’t kneel before the Blessed Sacrament at its exposition or even mass at consecration and I could go on for pages. We see this and are watching and waiting for true words guiding us to prepare for our meeting with the Lord when ever that happens.

  7. Deb Arrup says:

    OF. LIFE. AS. WE….KNOW IT!!!!!!
    GOD…… ALMIGHTY…..IS…W I T H ….US….UNTIL….THE….END….!!!!!!!!
    and……THE. GIFT. OF. YOU…THREE….WHO…TRY….TO…GUIDE….US !!!!!!!


  8. Theresa says:

    Guys, the 3rd secret of Fatima was released by the Vatican in 2000, Sister Lucia was still alive.

    There continues to be speculation about the veracity of the “official” 3rd secret…mostly because the assassination attempt on the pope happened almost 20 years prior. Had that been the actual focus of the secret, he would have released it back then. He had the secret there at the Vatican throughout his pontificate. Why did he wait two decades to finally acknowledge that the secret pointed to him? This is the crux of the controversy. Some say that Lucia was being manipulated by certain individuals who were bent on not revealing the true content of the third secret (which many speculate was about the apostasy of the priesthood). The authentic secret was only a few handwritten lines on a half sheet of paper.

  9. Rose Fontes says:

    I love your show. It’s a new way of learning things about our Faith. I suppose that because of time purposes you didn’t mention other famous prophecies … but I guess that leaves room for Part II (?).

    I love when Fr. Rich shares his experiences the priesthood has brought on his life and the lives around him, it’s among my favourite parts on each of your episodes.
    Keep up the good work and God bless you.
    Saludos desde México 🙂

  10. Brooks Kay says:

    Times in the church right now are pretty far from funny, and your show is speaking to Catholics who take their faith seriously and are getting Spiritually battered by all of the evil around us. Morale is low.
    A little occasional light humor is okay, but in these past several episodes the humor feels forced and detracts from the overall episode. It is getting hard to take you seriously. Know who your audience is.


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  12. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    Interesting group of people commenting on this particular podcast. I love the one looking for you guys to cough up the dough for his university schooling. You got your very own “Nigerian prince” request. Maybe he thinks all Americans are rich and especially those working in the service of God. LOL and nice try.

    I am in to re-watch this podcast, and I hope you make others concerning prophecies.

    Keep up the good works, and God bless us all!

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