Do Catholics Have To “LIKE” The Pope?

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys discuss what Catholics should do when they disagree with the Pope.

Episode 257:

In this episode, we will discuss:
• What Duty Do Catholics Owe The Pope?
• Why You Should Pray For The Pope
• Do You Have To Agree With The Pope On Everything?
• and much more


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6 comments on Do Catholics Have To “LIKE” The Pope?

  1. David Whight says:

    Best Pope actually preaching Christianity.

    I never give something away for nothing so here is the cost. Jesus said the pope could make rules, and you would say that is something for us to remember. Jesus also said the pope could unmake rules, so he can unmake the magisterium rules too. We were told we did not have to attend Mass during the pandemic, not a mortal sin. Having said that, we should have kept the sabbath holy in other ways.

  2. Kathy Bennett says:

    Communist man. Communist pope. I disrespect a man who disses the Vicar of Christ. He disrespects the Chair and Altar of St. Peter. I accept he has been elected and I think God has allowed this for a reason. I trust in God. I follow the deposit of faith the pope is SUPPOSE..to protect…and pronounce to the world. He is saying all..are welcome, yet doesn’t continue with to repent, amend, and do penance within the holy Sacraments. This is not stated along with welcoming all which has always been the teaching. This pope is dividing God’s Body by not defending the deposit of faith.

  3. Kathy Bennett says:

    Too many people took the jab..because the pope said it is the right and charitable to do. And suffered for it. The pope has no RIGHT..to control our medical medications unless it literally is killing a human being. Like abortion. Eugenics. He goes beyond the pale. He is a bad father. An abusive father. He seems to be creating a one world religion in a new world order. Thank God for internet so we can see this happening. Don’t tell me this is a conspiracy theory. It’s real. This pope is ambiguous and is straddling the line on trying to make the Body of Christ in his image, gobblygoop..synod..b.s. Instead of protecting and sanctifying ..the Church.
    Read St. Francis’s..prophecy for our times. 🙏..praying for his conversion.

  4. Richard Palau says:

    I would LIKE the Pope to slip on a banana peal

    1. Saturnino says:

      Oww…worst if he slips on a dog shit.

  5. Jo says:

    I know you think we should not be so focused on such international affairs of the Holy Father but if you have a member of your family who is same sex attracted the carelessness with which the Holy FATHER sometimes speaks is used as a tool to bludgeon faithful family members who are trying to be faithful and loving . Newsflash, society is not supportive of faithful Catholic people . The Holy Father’s words are , as charitably as I can describe, confusing. You may not be sensitive to it because it might not be close to you but you don’t have to go far to understand it, just go to an Encourage meeting. Praying for the Holy Father and the Church. We need it!

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