How To Pray Like A Catholic

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show the guys discuss and pray essential Catholic prayers and how to build a powerful prayer life.

Episode 263:

In this episode, we will discuss:
• 10 Essential Catholic Prayers
• What Types of Prayer Are There?
• Why Do We Pray?
• How Often Should We Pray?
• An Much More


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7 comments on How To Pray Like A Catholic

  1. Jane McGill says:

    Where do you find the likes you talk about???

  2. Norman Popa says:

    Where is the prayer list and links for this episodes..

    1. The Catholic Talk Show says:

      Jesus prayer
      Sub Tuum Praesidium
      Prayer before the Crucifix
      Guardian Angel Prayer
      St Michael the Archangel Prayer
      Prayers for the souls of the dead
      Prayers before & after meals
      For the Pope’s intentions
      Litany of Humility
      The Angelus

      1. Sylvia Cousino says:

        How do I get a copy of these prayers?

  3. Jeffrey Hawarden says:

    I found this episode to be extremely beneficial to my prayer routine. I already pray most of these daily, but I will definitely add the three I was not praying.

  4. Ann Latz says:

    Very interesting episode. I pray most of these prayers and would like to write up this episode to share. Cannot find where you indicated all the prayers would be posted. I see the list above but was looking for the actual prayers which would save me the trouble of copying and pasting from the internet.

  5. James A Dalian says:

    I’m new to your show and I’m thanking the Lord for it. I found this particular episode quite excellent as it’s introduced me to the Litany of Humility which I plan to implement immediately. However, I was surprised that the Act of Contrition wasn’t mentioned. I realize that particular prayer is quite common, yet I still see the cheat sheet for it out side the confessional pretty often. It was actually easy for me to memorize it, because I’m such a terrible sinner unfortuately. Thanks for the awesome show and superb content.

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