The Pope Who Baptized Coffee

In this clip, the guys talk about how Pope Clement VIII baptized coffee.

This an excerpt from Episode 3 of The Catholic Talk Show “Foods We Owe To The Catholic Church”



One comment on “The Pope Who Baptized Coffee

  1. Andrea says:

    Pope Clement thank you so much! As Lorelei Gilmore, of the series The Gilmore Girls, wisely declares every morning on the set – “Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!”. The rule of three applies. Three is a number that appears throughout the New Testament.

    So, we have a saint for practically everything under the sun but no saint for coffee! I agree Ryan Scheel that we should get a conclave together at the nearest Dunkin Donuts and get Clement beatified or whatever the first step is towards sainthood. He saves many a soul by waking them up in the morning so that they are able to function.

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