Is There Proof That God Exists?

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Brandon Vogt to discuss the theological and philosophical proofs for the existence of God.

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Episode 106:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• The single best argument for the existence of God
• Can God’s existence be proven?
• Why our society NEEDS philosophy
• What atheists get wrong about “truth”
• and much more


2 comments on Is There Proof That God Exists?

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    This was awesome and ties with the Guardian Angel podcast for my top favorite show. I definitely would love this to become a seminar on the proofs of God with both Brandon and you guys. This was like a yummy appetizer. As FYI Fr. Rich, I have just viewed the 4 podcasts that Fr. Chris Alar had on the end times and learned a lot. You guys should check this series out. Each podcast is an hour and 24 minutes in length but worth it. Maybe you can have Fr. Chris Alar for a show about the end times. I have listened to his other podcasts and I am not in tune with everything he expounds on but he did a really good job on the end times according to Matthew and Revelations. I have also seen all the Keith Nester videos and love his love of Catholicism and his enthusiasm for his faith. Thanks for introducing Keith to your viewers.

    I have believed in God since I was two and was taught to pray. I always thought that praying was essentially talking to God and started yakking into his ears right from the start. I always assumed He would listen and I liked the fact that he was the ultimate authority over my parents. Someone had to keep them in line. As a kid I liked the idea someone bossed them around like they bossed me around.

    I have been neglectful as far as reading through old and new scriptures within the Bible and will put the Bible back on my reading list.

    I believe God IS science. He IS Math. He IS Philosophy, etc. I was also lucky enough to attend a Liberal Arts Program and philosophy was one of my all time favorite subjects. (Later on I discovered the world of computers another great love.) I had lengthy philosophical discussions with my favorite professor that I still remember brought me intellectual pleasure and enjoyment. I think kids are losing out today. We talked about everything under the sun at some point. We covered modern philosophers mainly as that was his field. I need to expand my horizon more into the ancient philosophers but essentially thoughtful man has had the same profound thoughts throughout time. I was surprised to find deep thinkers way back when like Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, and so on. Some new thoughts on God came about with Dr. Dale Hamer and he thinks we each have a God gene within us that has us searching for God. I believe that. We search for our Creator.

    Our basic catechism covers this. We call out to God. God answers. We respond to God with our faith. I liked the 3 proofs (cause, contingency and morals) that Brandon covered and will search, as he suggested, for the paper on the remaining 20 or 30 offered proofs. The Universe is definitely one of intelligent design. For one thing, how can you possibly think that it was an accident of nature that produced humans with their intricate DNA? A DNA that has to be properly sequenced.

    It is interesting what he said about psychopaths missing moral genes but I think are they just plain evil. If you get pleasure from someone else’s pain you are evil.

    Thank you guys for a great podcast and I hope you consider making this topic a podcast seminar. After all God is what it is all about.

    Stay safe and healthy,

  2. Joanne says:

    Excellent show

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