Where Is The Holy Grail?

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show the guys discuss the legends of The Holy Grail and where the real one is today.

In this episode, you will learn:
• What is the Holy Grail?
• What did the Holy Grail look like?
• Where did the Holy Grail go after the Last Supper?
• Does The Holy Grail still exist?
• How many grails are claimed to be the True Grail?
• Where is the Holy Grail today?
• and much more

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4 comments on Where Is The Holy Grail?

  1. Andrea says:

    Good morning guys,
    I love the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade too and it is one of my all time favorites. Personally I think how sensible it was for Indiana to pick the correct chalice as in selecting the one a carpenter would have carved or a wooden chalice. The family of Jesus did receive the gift of gold at the birth of Jesus so that gold could have been hammered into a chalice. The story behind the unicorn chalice you had on the show was impressive. It is lovely.

    I didn’t realize there was so many grails out there claiming to be the one. I thought that was part of the Indiana Jones’ movie plot. Good point it was entrusted to the apostles. Then you ask the question who would they entrust it to while they were traveling and preaching? I would think they would have left it with the Blessed Mother, or maybe Joseph of Arimathea. Two people involved in their lives at that time. Joseph had servants guarding his possessions. Either party makes sense. Why carry it around and endanger it? Starving thieves were everywhere.

    The cup used at the Last Supper probably being the Cup of Blessing makes sense as you say it was usually the most ornate cup at the Passover meal. Who is to say that Jesus didn’t provide his own cup, the argument can go both ways. The St. Mark theory is a good one as far as providing what became the Holy Grail as well as the room of the Last Supper. What safeguards did he provide if this is true? Did it stay with the family of St. Mark? I think it wasn’t used at the saying of nomadic Masses as the apostles were always under persecution. They wouldn’t have endangered such a chalice. If it had any value at all it would have been stolen right away or taken away from them by Roman soldiers. (Unless of course it was a simple wooden chalice of no value except spiritual.) I agree with RD as it is my own theory. I respectfully disagree with RS. Instructions might have been given to St. Mark about its provenance.

    Interesting story about the Spanish soldier that St. Lawrence, the deacon, entrusted sacred relics to and its backup documentation or inventory written on vellum. I doubt if the chalice would have passed through many hands as it would disappear from history which happened anyway despite safeguards. God knows where it is, and I mean this literally. Why hasn’t He guided someone to its location? Maybe its discovery is not supposed to happen yet or maybe it doesn’t have to happen.

    Interesting that it may already be in the possession of the Catholic Church and be the cup that was shown on your show. I have to say I got a feeling or vibe looking at it. Maybe just because of its possibility. Good point RS that every chalice used in Masses is the Holy Grail. Good inquisition question and answer.

    HAPPY TURKEY DAY GUYS! A day when we think of all our blessings including our loved ones.

  2. Donna Beedy says:

    Father Rich I am going to be in St. Augustine this coming weekend Dec 13-15 and wanted to know what church you are affiliated with. Would love to see you do mass and talk with you.

    1. AnnDee Ambrosia Beckerman says:

      You can find Father Rich at Saint John Paul II in Nocatee- which is considered Ponte Vedra Florida. Mass times are Saturday Vigil 5:00. Sunday: 8:30, 10:30 and 12:30. This weekend is a special treat with the band EPIC from Miami. They are extremely talented and will be playing at all Masses. Enjoy.

  3. Alice Regan says:

    It is in Spain. I can’t recall which church but I believe you are correct. It is in Valencia, Spain. It is ceramic like. It has a burgundy, brown color. It has a chip out of it. It is placed in the center of a magnificent gold chalice. A devout Catholic women working in the church, researched the Provenance of this cup. Yes, Pope John Paul II said mass there w the cup.
    We are so blessed.

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