7 Books Every Catholic Should Read

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Brandon Vogt from Word on Fire Ministries to discuss essential books that every Catholic should read.


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Show Notes:

Brandon’s Mega List of Book Recommendations

Brandon’s Top 7 Books

Honorable Mention Books
• True Devotion to Mary – St. Louis De Montfort
• Story of a Soul – Saint Therese
• Jesus of Nazareth – Pope Benedict XVI
• Interior Castle – St. Teresa of Avila
• Dark Night of the Soul – St. John of the Cross
• The Imitation of Christ – Thomas A’ Kempis
• Uniformity with God’s Will – St. Alphonso Liguori

10 comments on 7 Books Every Catholic Should Read

  1. Andrea says:

    Greetings of the Season fellow planet earth travelers and journeyers to Jesus,

    I have read 3 of the 7 recommended and agree with Brandon about reading them for spiritual edification and education. I have heard about Book #2 being recommended by everyone. I read the book Lord of the Rings decades ago and loved it. I liked the beginning and the building of the world of Bilbo.

    I agree with you Ryan D. and would add Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis as well as the tales of Narnia.

    Thank all of you so much for your book recommendations and I have 3 I am going to get for my spiritual library. This was truly one of your greatest podcasts. I can’t wait to read the Summa of the Summa, To Know Jesus Christ, and the Imitation of Christ. Actually, there are 4 books because I want to read Bishop Barron’s book as well.

    Thank you for sharing your Advent gift giving with us and what a wonderful cause you chose. God bless the children and all those trying to help them.

    Unlike you Brandon I have always loved reading and writing. I have devoured thousands of books in the many decades I have been hanging around bugging God and His people. LOL! I am getting a book published and just got the heads up for it! I am psyched. Once published I will let everyone know its availability out at Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc. This book is unlike my first book published which was inspirational or Thoughts on God. This one going to press in a few months is composed of coming of age short stories.

    BTW, I notice that you have been spending a lot of time with my elderly sister, Ryan Dellacrosse, as you kept saying you know, you know. You almost got Scheel started too! Yipes!

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  3. Linda P. says:

    I read The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings aloud to my children when the eldest began high school. (I had been reading novels aloud to them since he was in grade one.) It took us two years and was our last literature journey from around the supper table.

  4. Jorge says:

    5/7 are anglos lol

  5. Julia Welch says:

    Send me the recent recent post, I can’t read them right now. The nuns smoking, the things on baptism and the lost books of the bible.

  6. Travis Bentz says:

    Just finished reading “A Church in Crisis: Pathways Forward” by Ralph Martin. Excellent book for reigniting the spirit and refocusing ones effort on the importance of our religion. I would love to see Ralph Martin on an episode. He is great on Pints with Aquinas but this show would bring out a different perspective.

  7. D L Durocher says:

    2 women saints … all the rest are men .. No essential reading from the pen of Julian of Norwich, Hildegard of Bingen, Catherine of Sienna, Sister Joan Chittester, Sister Hélène Préjean, Mother Teresa, Edith Stein … Sorry, but your essential list is sadly missing out on riches of immense importance to all Catholics, men and women… history repeating itself..

    1. Sharon Forsythe says:

      Thanks for the post. I am looking forward to reading about these female saints 😊

  8. Andrew Buckley says:

    Hi guys,

    You mentioned a book in an earlier episode about the History of the Papacy. I cannot find the episode this was mentioned in. If someone could name the book below this comment I’d be forever grateful.

  9. Francis Schiraldi says:

    I would include Flannery O’Connor as well. How you could leave out St Augustine and Tomas Aquinas and Imitation of Christ is just a mystery to me.

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