Does God Speak To You In Your Dreams?

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys talk about dreams, how to interpret them, and how God uses them to communicate with humanity.

Episode 146:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• The 21 Dreams recorded in The Bible
• Does God uses dreams to communicate?
• Aquinas on Interpreting Dreams
• The Patron Saint of Dreams
• The Patron Saint of Against Nightmares
• and much more


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Show Notes:

• Graphic of All 21 Dreams In The Bible

2 comments on Does God Speak To You In Your Dreams?

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    Your dreams were interesting representations of your subconscious and you guys were funny. I agree with you Ryan Scheel there is more to discerning a dream other than to relate it to our sexual desires or sexual nature like Freud and Jung did so often.

    Nice to know that St. Raphael is the patron saint against nightmares, and that saying a prayer to St. Michael the Archangel before you go to sleep helps prevent nightmares too. I pray to St. Michael twice daily. St. Peter Damien is the patron saint for insomniacs. Good to know for the next time I get hit with insomnia. I usually sleep well but insomnia does happen.

    This is my second favorite episode after the one on Guardian Angels. Dreams have intrigued me all my life. I have had dreams that were definitely spiritually symbolic or anagogical. Some, of course, are just piles of subconscious stored junk. And the mind does a data dump. Others are meaningful morality tales. Then there are the Inspirational dreams. Some individuals experience divine revelation in their dreams.

    King Solomon asked God for wisdom in a dream when he was asked what he wanted from God. No wonder he was called Solomon, the Wise.

    As far as recurring nightmares I have a dream of not being able to find an elevator to take me down and out of this commercial building or place of business. I can go up but can’t go down. I want out of this building and can’t find the exit in other words. There is another nightmare I routinely have that has me climbing stairs. Doing nothing but climbing up stairs and never arriving at my destination. Just more stairs.

    I have had two dreams that almost qualify as hallucinations from a time when I was experiencing hallucinations. I am sitting at a video game and Jesus is standing to the right of me and leaning against me. I am upset and keep asking for Michael who is seated on my left to help me. The Michael on my left is St. Michael the Archangel and he and I are playing a video game where I am eliminating my enemies which are demons. These demons are all in white robes but they are not the good guys and I know this. Jesus says to Michael. Help her. She is calling for you. Michael responds that I am whacking the hell out of these demons without him!

    The first time I woke up from this dream I remembered another similar one where I was sitting in front of a computer screen and I had to quickly identify corrupt data files or packets of data that were flying by. I was supposed to know the name of the packet and know if that person so named was dead or alive. If dead he needed prayers for his soul and there was a bad Michael involved as well as the good Michael. The good Michael was St. Michael the Archangel and the bad Michael was the devil he was helping me defeat. I had to get the packets right and know good guy from bad guy and dead guy from live guy. It was hard and one time I named two data packets Fred. One was dead Fred and I insisted the other Fred was an alive Fred out there somewhere. There were two Fred’s. In real life I don’t know a Fred. When I woke up from the dream all I could associate it with was a movie I had seen about a dead Fred many years before. A black comedy.

    Bottom line is that St. Michael the Archangel was in both dreams so they must have had a lot to do with spiritual warfare. He is my personal hero and there was a time when I thought my Guardian Angel was named Michael and that Jesus was calling my Guardian Angel and not St. Michael. Then I realized the two dreams were connected and the Michael in them was indeed St. Michael. I forget how I came to that conclusion but it stuck with me that my Guardian Angel doesn’t want me to call him by name and he speaks to me quietly in my sleep. He guides me in my sleep.

    God is a fascinating subject isn’t He? What He knows about us doesn’t terrify me and it probably should. He calls us by name and is personally involved with each one of His creations. He is indeed a mystery.

    Jesus indeed was fully human but also in a state of grace thanks to his Mom. Maybe He didn’t have nightmares.

    Great episode that could be re-visited again!


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