How Accurate Is The Biblical Nativity Story? (With Jimmy Akin)

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Jimmy Akin to discuss the facts and traditions around the birth of Jesus Christ according to The Bible.

Episode 261:

In this episode, we will discuss:
• What year was Jesus ACTUALLY born in?
• What Was The Star Of Bethlehem?
• Were Did The Wisemen Come From?
• Why The Traditional Nativity Scene Is WRONG
• and much more


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4 comments on How Accurate Is The Biblical Nativity Story? (With Jimmy Akin)

  1. Nadin Tafro says:

    Hey guys I love your show so much and I learn a lot. I was wondering if you can do an episode about how the papacy ended up being in Rome.

  2. The Reverend Julian Kent says:

    I love the show – it’s always so informative and good humoured. But please stop introducing it with, “Welcome BACK to ANOTHER episode of the Catholic Talk Show.” We haven’t seen this new episode yet so we aren’t coming back to it. It’s either, “Welcome to another episode of the Catholic Talk Show” or, “Welcome back to the Catholic Talk Show”. Thanks

  3. Siobhan Wright says:

    I just watched again this episode on the birth narratives of Jesus. I intended to comment at first and didn’t so now I have my 2nd chance. I stopped mid washing dishes so I wouldn’t miss it this time. 🙂

    I have often heard that St Francis was the first to assemble a traditional nativity, we are all so familiar with. He wished to submerge the illiterate folks into the Christmas story as a teaching moment. I would be interested in knowing if that story is historically accurate. Additionally I wonder if St Francis would have known accurate historical information.

    At the end of this broadcast Jimmy discussed the artistic interpretation’s of a more modern people of a different culture designing the nativity. I would love to see (maybe you’ve already done this?) an episode where you discuss Christian art throughout the ages reflecting the culture and time they were created in.

    Historically Christ was a Jewish man in 1st century Israel. He was not a fair, blue eyed, blond haired European. Most people would embrace this image of Christ as a lot of magnificent art depicts him this way. I can’t remember where but I recently saw/heard an opinion on how horrible it was to see Mary and Jesus depicted as Asian people.

    Personally I believe that yes there was and are the historically accurate depictions of Jesus and Mary as 1st century Jewish people for that is true. I equally believe that it is historical and acceptable for art to depict our Lord and His blessed Mother in images that each culture finds relatable. After all religious art gives us, corporeal beings something we can perceive through our senses to aid us in “connecting” to the Spiritual reality that we believe. (My concern is that the art gives the appropriate respect due to them)

  4. Margaret says:

    Thanks Guys! An awesome episode! have heard it twice over…

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