St. Joseph & Spiritual Warfare with Fr. Donald Calloway

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC to discuss The Year of Saint Joseph and how he can protect you in Spiritual Warfare.

Episode 125:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• Why is St. Joseph “The Terror of Demons”?
• Why today’s Men need to model Saint Joseph
• What is the Year of Saint Joseph?
• The 33 Day Consecration to Saint Joseph
• and much more

Show Notes:

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12 comments on St. Joseph & Spiritual Warfare with Fr. Donald Calloway

  1. Sharon Markey says:

    I just watched your show about the 15 things that should not happen at Mass. What I missed hearing you say was the following:
    A. Priest adding his own thoughts at various places during Mass where he should not.
    B. Priest telling me after Holy Communion what to think when this is another personal time for me and Jesus.
    C. Opening Tabernacle after Holy Communion for Adoration and saying the Hail Mary when each of people who have received is a tabernacle.
    D. Drama, Drama , Drama by the priest which encourages the people to be dramatic.
    I have been a Catechist for RCIA since forever and one thing I ask before I do Scripture in a Nutshell I ask the participants “What did Father talk about at Mass?” If it is one of the priests they can never say but will say ” I love Father’s talk but I didn’t understand it. Having heard this Homily I know they didn’t understand because it was so intellectual but because he jumps all over without coming to any conclusions.

    1. Alani Paquette Randall says:

      I can appreciate your knowledge. However it seems as though you need to address your concerns within your church. Have you thought of taking a break from being directly involved in teaching. My thought; We need a break to refresh ourselves. We also need to know that the institution belongs to All people. We have our opinions as do others. The Pastor is leading his church in the way he feels best for the church. Did you consider that the Pastor is leading those after communion because they have asked for guidance in this time of prayer. Is the drama subjects which you personally take issue with? Maybe there is no drama; it may seem so as you are being shown changes within the parish that you are not on board with. We all need to learn and grow.
      May you be blessed in you endeavours,
      In prayer,

  2. Alan Allegretto says:

    Beautiful discussion … applicable for men of all ages. Evil elements of the secular world seek to diminish the honor and dignity of men. St. Joseph is the ideal model of manhood. God Bless the four men on this episode for their beliefs, conversions and for sharing such an important message.

    1. John Francis says:

      St Joseph help us.

  3. Andrea says:

    Gentlemen and St. Joseph Warriors,
    Thank you for this podcast. Just to balance the scales, let’s be fair Fr, Calloway, women have been the butt of men’s jokes for quite awhile now especially those containing sexual humor. But, I don’t want fathers to be disrespected and their roles diminished either. Mutual respect should be the goal here. Honor and dignity belongs to both genders and both parents and spouses.

    I tended to take St. Joseph for granted as a background figure who was just there for Mary and Jesus and not someone in his own right because there are no quotes from him in the Bible as far as I know. His death is just taken for granted as happening before the Crucifixion since he wasn’t there. Yes, as usual, St. Joseph is in the background of each joyous mystery. Mary was not alone.

    I like his title of the Terror of Demons. You are right Fr Calloway, it is a chaste heart in men that is the strength of spiritual warfare. Good observation. I had strong and gentle male figures in my life growing up. I was blessed. I like the fact that this is the year of St. Joseph so he can step out of the shadows of history. The paternity of Jesus overshadows Joseph but God knew Joseph was the ultimate protector for Mary and Jesus. He trusted Joseph to take care of his charges in a time in history when women could not survive on their own.

    Fr. Calloway has charisma. Thank you for another good guest on your show and relevant topic.

    Take care everyone,

  4. Gloria M Sweeting says:

    I’m on day 9 of the consecration! Thank you Father Calloway for answering the prompting of the Holy Spirit for you to write the letter and write the book! May God be Praised!

  5. Gloria M Sweeting says:


  6. FHL says:

    “O Blessed Saint Joseph, faithful guardian and protector of virgins, to whom God entrusted Jesus and Mary, I implore you by the love which you did bear them, to preserve me from every defilement of soul and body, that I may always serve them in holiness and purity of love. Amen.”

    That prayer is in my childhood prayer book, from my dad, called A Treasury of Prayers iv. The Prayer to St. Joseph follows the Magnificat. Only 32pgs. long, this little booklet, now yellowed with age, musty, with its centre pages loosened from its staples, remains a tangible spiritual gem that guides me still, 8yrs after my father’s death. Somehow, I also inherited a sculpture of the Holy Family of Nazareth, which I found in a box on a closet shelf, hiding in plain sight last year, unpacked it from the bubblewrap, now claiming prominent place in my bedroom with a candle lit nearby during times of vocal/mental/contemplative prayer. The artist (Tim Schmaltz of St. Jacobs, Ontario) features Saint Joseph cradling Mary as she holds the Christ Child, and calls his creation ‘A Tender Moment’ which encourages reflection on their hidden moments, not only 12yrs before the Finding in the Temple, but also those 18yrs after. An infinite resource bearing countless graces. I have my dad to thank for still looking after me. Our 1888 gothic church has one main altar, with bookend side altars for Mary and for Joseph, which led me to Montreal for an experience in St. Joseph’s Oratory that has never faded. Seeing photos is one thing, but walking into that beautiful miraculous structure, seeing those crutches lined up, is spiritually transformative. Especially knowing the personal obstacles and holy effort Saint (Brother) André Bessette endured in order to share his devotion to Saint Joseph. Breathtaking highlight of the 1980s!

    My intention this year is to obtain a Plenary Indulgence by reciting the Litany to Saint Joseph each Wednesday (his day), the above-noted prayer daily, and entrusting my children to the Holy Family throughout their adult lives, who grew up without their own dad (for safety), but my sons served Mass on that same altar as their grandfather did back in the 1930/40s. He was there, watching each Saturday night for 7yrs, alive and dead, so proud of the sons he never had.

    So thankful for Father Calloway and his testimony, including a mention in one talk of Our Lady of Las Lajas, Colombia! Bless your quartet of pious (not toxic) masculinity. Not only priests/religious endure poverty/chastity/obedience. I’ve been estranged from my spouse 15yrs (no divorce/annulment), hearing instead God’s call for purity, modesty, chastity and celibacy as powerful physical manifestations of penance/reparation for offences against the Sacred Heart of Jesus to accompany prayers ‘offered up’. If only men and women, from teenagers to the elderly, knew how powerful and pleasing to God the Father Almighty this sacrifice is, and how much the ancient evil one abhors it. All consecrated virgins and victim souls, pray for us. Saint Joseph, patron saint of Canada, and the universal Church, protect and preserve us. Amen.

  7. Ann Erwin says:

    Fr. Calloway addressed the problem of purity, chastity, for men. What of the women who are everywhere on the street, in shops, sometimes even in Church…their “dress” leaves nothing to the imagination. I also wonder when the word came down from those who run TV shows, whether they are soap operas, homemaker shows, talk shows etc. “Ladies, you have to show what you have.” I turn the channel when this comes up. Perhaps I am a prude, but it seems to me that women need to cover up, learn how to dress modestly. God did not make us for the pleasure of all men, but only for our spouses, and if we are looking for a good Catholic spouse, we will not find one who believes in modesty and chastity, but one who thinks of women as existing for his pleasure if we throw modesty out the window.

    1. Sofía says:

      It’s one of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.
      You’re right, Ann.
      Ladies, do not settle.
      Ask to the Good Saint Joseph for a good, Holy husband.
      God and Our Blessed Mother bless you.

  8. Sofía says:

    Let’s start a Devotion for Child Joseph.
    I read about a miraculous revelation a nun had in México about “Divina Infantita” (Our Most Holy Mother as a baby).
    If you look up the book about Saint Joseph written by Sister María Cecilia Baij there you can find the story about him and his parents. But there’s no image or prayer.

    If you guys can please send this to Father Calloway and/or Saint Joseph Apostolate, thanks a million.

    Saint Joseph will shower you with Blessings.

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