Were Adam & Eve And The Garden of Eden Just Myths?

On this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys talk about Adam & Eve, The Garden of Eden, and what the Church teaches on Evolution.

In this episode, you will learn:
• What does the Church teach about Adam & Eve?
• What do the names “Adam” and “Eve” mean?
• How old did Adam live to and where was he buried?
• Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?
• Where exactly was The Garden of Eden? Is it still there?
• What does the Church teach about Evolution?
• And much more!

6 comments on Were Adam & Eve And The Garden of Eden Just Myths?

  1. jonathan says:


    You guys talked about genesis and where Eden is located. Anne Catherine Emmerich speaks about
    the location of Eden where it exists now. any thoughts about what she says

    1. Joseph netto says:

      Adam lived 930 years as in the bible but not mentioned where was he buried and about eve nothing is mentioned how long she lived.

  2. Andrea says:

    “But do not ignore this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years is like one day.” 2Peter 3:8
    I agree Genesis and our world being created by God does not fight with the Big Bang Theory as who is to say how long it took before man showed up on the planet. God planted the seed like RNA and DNA and the required carbohydrates. Intelligent design is the theory I lean to.

    Your shows are getting better as you learn as you go along, and thank you Ryan Scheel for NOT saying YOU KNOW dozens of times during a broadcast. You all have intelligent and interesting analytical minds. I have viewed a few of your podcasts and am on the way to becoming a fan as we all need a show like yours. It is informative, educational and entertaining. Who could ask for more. I was raised on the Baltimore catechism and had attended 12 years of Catholic School just as FYI. Despite this background I am relatively sane.

    When the world gets crazy we all turn to God and want to examine our faith. As we age and mortality looms around the next corner we test our faith and make sure we are on the right path to salvation.

    When did Lilith first appear as a legend or story? I never knew where Adam was buried but did know what his name meant as well as Eve’s. Totally interesting podcast, and I just learned about OPP. I will look up the Pius 12th encyclical mentioned.

    I am on my own spiritual journey and have been reading a teaching Bible. It taught me that approaching the Bible should be done literally, allegorically and anagogically. Anagogically meaning its spiritual symbolism as found in Revelations. You guys touched on this but never explained what anagogical meant for those in your audience who may have heard the word for the first time.

    I have a book being published in October or this fall called Thoughts on God. Everyone has these thoughts including atheists who are always busy seeking to disprove God. Who are you disproving? One chapter is on what I have learned from Genesis and about God. The God of creation. God created man and man has been recreating God ever since.

    Thank you for your show and you guys are funny but never lose sight of the ball. The camaraderie is great to enjoy but the whole purpose of the show is to learn more about Catholicism. Make it live in our world. BTW, Ryan Scheel makes a good moderator to keep you other two in line! Your good spirits and raucous sense of humor do carry you away at times.

  3. Joseph netto says:

    How many children did Adam and eve had, then who are those of cain was afraid.

  4. Matieho Tsuinyane says:

    Good morning .
    I am from Lesotho ,Southern Africa . I enjoy the program you are hosting . Sometimes the conversations are not very clear from where I am .
    At the moment I am listening to the topic of discussion about the reality of Adam and Eve which is of interest to me . But it is not very clear .
    I wonder if there is another way following this up .
    Thank and have a blessed day .

  5. John F says:

    Dear Matieho, Hello from John in PA (Pennsylvania USA) Must be a little frustrating for you. There are apparently 5 ways to listen to “The Catholic Talk Show” podcast. I use the main one which is YouTube, however you might try getting the podcast on one of the other 4. (Google Play Music, Apple iTunes, Stitcher or Castbox)
    You could go to your search browser and type in “How to fix Audio Issues in Windows 10” and look for the article. It will show you several things that you might try on your device…this website article has several short videos imbedded into it that may prove helpful.
    Even if you are not using Windows 10 on your device as your operating system you may be able to get some ideas that will help you improve the sound quality.
    Here is the direct link to that article:

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